Latest interview feature on west coast rappers Horseshoe Gang, this time in US online publication The ReUp Spot.

Here they explain the tie up with the label Seven 13 Music & Entertainment through their previous work with Royce da 5′ 9″, Kid Vishis, KXNG Crooked and early involvement with the phenomenan that became Slaughterhouse.

They discuss their new album “Anti-Trap Music”, the concepts behind it and the recording process involved, and then give further insight into their well documented rap battle last year with Funk Volume and Hopsin’s subsequent break away.


The group recorded “Half a Meal” in response to Hopsin’s $500,000 open battle challenge announced on Sway in the Morning, and sat down with DJ Vlad to talk more about it in late summer last year.

Last week, they released the third single from the album. “Shoe-icide Squad” is their statement on the #BlackLivesMatter issue and was produced by Tabu (Kendrick Lamar, Aftermath)

Their singles “Shoe-icide Sqaud”, “Crooked I Robot” and “Poverty Slogans” are available to buy from iTunes where the album itself can now be pre-ordered HERE

CD versions of the album including signed copies with further merchandise can be pre-ordered directly from the label HERE, with delivery guaranteed a week before the official release date of April 29th.

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West coast hip hop crew Horseshoe Gang sat down with the UK’s The Music Spot Magazine recently to chop it up about a variety of issues

They spoke about their early days, how they formed and the role their elder brothers Mad Man and KXNG Crooked played in their development before discussing the dynamics of operating as a group in preference to releasing solo projects.

The group then went on to talk about their new album Anti-Trap Music and the concept behind it, their plans to release a new comic book series, gave a snapshot tourist guide to Long Beach, explained the internal Jason v Freddy “dispute” and then sent a message to US presidential candidate (is that STILL a feasible description, really???!) Donald Trump.



Last week, the group released their third single taken from the album “Shoe-icide Squad”. That, and previous singles “Poverty Slogans” and “Crooked I Robot” can be bought now from iTunes where Anti-Trap Music is available on pre-order.

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West Coast hiphop crew Horseshoe Gang sat down with Scyren Joseph from online publication 7th Boro recently in the build up towards the release of their fourth studio album “Anti-Trap Music” on April 29th – available to pre-order on iTunes HERE

In another typically frank and in-depth interview, the group chopped it up about the new album and how it compares to their considerable back catalogue including mixatpes and EP’s, the automatic association of their name with their elder brother KXNG Crooked while being dubbed “The Left Coast Slaughterhouse”, and how with them being brothers, the family dynamic affects the creative process.

The discussion moves on to the underlying messages within the new album with much of it addressing current hip hop, before sedgewaying into the subject of the culture’s position within today’s mainstream society and whether independents feel they must compete against, or utilise a more populist approach.

All this & more can be read in the full feature HERE


Another article about the release just published is this new review by new US online “Sam the Author” run by freelance journalist and author Samuel Odunsi Jr who has written previously for titles such as Dead End Hip Hop.

Only up & running for a couple of months, Sam’s focus is on music and film reviews

Quoted from the review, “The album is relentless with lyricism and interesting production choices that range from the old school to the futuristic.“, you can read his full appraisal HERE

Just last week the group released their third official single from the album, “Shoe-icide Squad”, which addresses the familiar issues of #BlackLivesMatter with their trademark lyrical firepower backed by a bangin G Funk beat courtesy of Tabu (Kendrick Lamar, Aftermath). Check out the stream

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