About UrbanElite PR – What We Do


Originally the in house promotional arm of a now dormant independent UK hip hop label, UrbanElite PR became wholly independent in 2005 and have since worked with a wide range of artists and labels from the United States, Canada and UK.

We specialize in hip hop and rap EP & album releases, although we have also promoted r&b, dubstep, dance, drum & bass and various other emerging underground genres. Our ARTISTS, SINGLES, PREVIOUS CAMPAIGNS & PRESS pages provide examples of the artists and specific style of hip hop we work with, both in terms of preference and marketability. Due to the history and origins of the Company, we have over 20 years’ experience in the British hip hop & urban music industry.

Our media promotions activity means that we are in touch on a daily basis with an extensive number of contacts within independent specialist and “top line” printed and online press publications, further internet tastemaker platforms including tv, blogs & social media, radio stations, club djs and satellite television. Every conceivable media outlet is provided for by a fully inclusive and comprehensive service.

In addition we offer tour press services and provide logistical assistance to our label and artist clients such as distribution, design, audio & video file provision, and have also devised various artist & label development & marketing strategies.

EP & album campaigns were originally targeted primarily on the UK and European marketplaces, however since 2013 our operation expanded and now incorporate all written media outlets in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan for a comprehensive one-stop facility servicing in excess of 500 titles worldwide procuring reviews, interviews and special features.

Individual audio and video launches are handled only as part of an ongoing affiliated EP or album campaign covering blogs, DJs and other digital multimedia in the UK, United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan. Our experience includes arranging radio & blog “premieres” with some of the biggest stations and online platforms on both sides of the Atlantic.

For more detailed information of the full range of our activities, visit the sections mentioned above where you can see examples of media coverage arranged by ourselves and further information regarding the strategies we employed

We have worked with many independent and Major artists & labels. They include Stateside artists D12, Kid Vishis, Matt Maddox, Souls of Mischief, Bumpy Knuckles, Verbal Kent, Deeprooted, Vast Aire, & Copywrite, from Canada Classified, Peter Jackson & Fefe Dobson, and from the UK Idris Elba, Chima Anya, Iron Braydz, Melanin 9, Krate Krusaders & Genesis Elijah, Cyclonious, DJ Sarah Love & many more

Every campaign we have undertaken to date has had its own unique specifications, planned out and delivered in conjunction with our clients’ requirements. In other words every campaign is provided with a bespoke service.

If you would like to contact us to enquire about the range of services we provide, or would like to discuss a specific project, please send us an email headed “PR ENQUIRY” via the Contact page and we guarantee a quick reply.

Meanwhile you can also visit us at any of our following social media platforms

FACEBOOK “Urbanelite Smith”
MYSPACE “UrbanelitePR”
BLOG “UrbanelitePR”
TWITTER “UrbanelitePR”

Click HOME to be returned to the main page and view press coverage, videos and singles of current campaigns

UrbanElite PR
T : @urbanelitepr

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