ZotheJerk & Frost Gamble “Black Beach” (album releases 26th May 2017)
Tone Chop & Frost Gamble “Veteran” (EP released 18th November 2016 for reference)
Constant Deviants “Omerta” (album released 28th June 2016 for reference)
Horseshoe Gang “Anti-Trap Music” (album released 29th April 2016 for reference)

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ARTIST ZotheJerk & Frost Gamble
ALBUM Black Beach
RELEASE DATE 26th May 2017
LABEL 22 Entertainment

Straight from the heart and soul of Detroit, award winning rapper ZotheJerk teams up with producer Frost Gamble to deliver a verbal tirade of social commentary on today’s America in the new album “Black Beach”

Growing up to the sounds of Motown and soul and witnessing the emergence of lyrical pioneers Tupac and Nas influenced Zo’s approach to music and life.

As a young MC, he cut his teeth by perfoming around Detroit’s formidable club circuit while releasing mixtapes. The subsequent formation of the group “Image, Music & Character” with long time associates Reag and Hash saw them extend their reach to audiences throughout the Midwest, and led to a pivotal moment in 2002.

Answering a casting call sent out locally for extras to appear in a new film “8 Mile”, Zo and Reag appeared on set. Between takes, and with the legendary Proof in attendance, Reag proceeded to demolish opponents during impromptu battles. Such was the impression made, the D12 frontman signed the group to a distribution deal with his Ironfist label.


Proof’s untimely passing and the increase in local drug related violence had a significant impact on the community, and none more so than for Zo. Now as a father devoted to a young family, the raising of his children in a secure environment became priority and with it came a re-location to Kansas and a three year musical hiatus.

Zo returned in 2008 with the album “The Jerk” incoporating a new creative vision. ‘Hip Hop Soul Music’, a style invoking “a synergy of hip hop fused with the spirit it represents” became his signature sound reinforced with the release of “The Jerk II” in 2011.

2014 would prove a landmark year. Having released the album “Live The Reality Show”, he received the accolade “Humantarian of the Year” at the Kansas City Music Awards for mentoring roles in the community, before meeting Winnipeg based producer Frost Gamble for the first time. The two bonded immediately and worked on “Muscle Shoals”, originally a soundtrack for a planned documentary on the life of soul legend Luther Ingram. From it came the track “Honey”, selected by 22 Ent for inclusion in their “God Bless Dope Rappers” compilation (2016).


Zo and Frost returned to Detroit to begin work on the new album “Black Beach”. In a coincidental link to his past, several of the recording sessions took place at Mr Porter’s original studio where together with Proof the initial production work for Eminem’s “Infinite” was completed.

With apparent symbiosis, Frost’s understanding of Zo’s mindset is reflected in the range of production styles while still managing to remain cohesive as one body of work. Straight bangers “Risk vs Reward” featuring Sadat-X and “My Negus” featuring Guilty Simpson are complimented by the soulful nuances of “Mother of My Child” and “Drunk Roses”.

The themes of the album mirror the man and his life, passionate in addressing the issues which represent the current experience for “Black America”. In “America Made Me”, “Blaxploitation” and “Loyal Victims”, he places the subjects of oppression, injustices and police brutality front and centre while by the same measure emphasising the importance of positive parental role models in “Keep Me Safe”.


Slick production and additional features by KXNG Crooked (aka Crooked I), Boldy James and Young Bleed make this an intelligent and entertaining take on a fractious world, balancing anger and despair with a sense of hope and responsibility.

As Zo himself delineates : “It’s the voice of a people who are tired and demand more, who ask what’s next, it’s the music of the current era……welcome to Black Beach

(All tracks produced by Frost Gamble. “Keep Me Safe” co-produced by S.One)

1 – Welcome To Black Beach
2 – America Made Me
3 – My Negus ft Guilty Simpson
4 – If ft Boldy James
5 – Drunk Roses ft Coko Buttaflie
6 – Blaxploitation ft Eveready & Young Bleed
7 – Loyal Victims ft Dustin Davie & Eveready
8 – Risk vs Reward ft Sadat-X
9 – Kill Everything Moving ft Tone Chop
10 – Mother Of My Child ft Dustin Davie
11 – Whispers In The Wind ft KXNG Crooked
12 – Etch A Sketch
13 – Keep Me Safe
(Further special bonus tracks available on release)



TWITTER @TheJerkNation @FrostGamble
INSTAGRAM @ZotheJerk @Frost.Gamble
FACEBOOK PAGE ZotheJerk.FrostGamble


ARTIST Tone Chop & Frost Gamble
EP Veteran
RELEASE DATE 18th November 2016
LABEL Seven 13 Music & Entertainment

New York State rapper Tone Chop and producer Frost Gamble re-unite after twenty years for the release of their first official collabrorative EP “Veteran” on November 18th.

Once rivals in Binghamton’s rap battle scene during the 90’s, both doubled as beatmakers and their mutual respect for each other’s talents led to an early partnership in tagging, rhyming and battling. So was formed a strong bond which would endure through the decades.


Chop built his name locally by distributing cassettes of 4 track recordings while Frost took time out at college. As part of the group “Binghamton’s Most Wanted”, the rapper released his debut mixtape “Holding Weight” in 2001 followed by the “Best Damn Mixtape” hosted by Russell Simmons’ protege Jinx Da Juvy. A highly prolific decade of multiple solo and collaborative releases followed, including the acclaimed “Chopper City” mixtape series showcasing the “607′ area. While Chop’s focus remained on giving local artists a platform to shine, the third installment in a series of five included “This is NY” featuring St Laz and Tom Gist to represent city and state.


Frost, now based in Canada, returned to beatmaking in 2004. His earlier productions included work with Young Bleed, Sadat X, J-Ro, Doc Ice and Rakim’s son Tahmell on the project “The God’s Son Sessions”. In 2013 he worked on Fresh I.E.’s “Red Letterz 13” winning “Album of the Year” at Canada’s Gospel Music Awards. Earlier this year he provided the beat for ZotheJerk’s “Honey” which appeared on the compilation “God Bless Dope Rappers”. Released by Seven 13 Music & Entertainment, the album also features KXNG Crooked, Kid Vishis, Royce da 5’9” and Horseshoe Gang.

Having travelled down diverse paths over the years, the pair have come together once more with the release of “Veteran”, an EP and early taster of future projects.

The title itself refers not only to Chop’s own journey, but the one taken by hip hop over time, the sonic backdrop provided by Frost adopting a deliberate earthy rawness reminiscent of the Golden Era sound.

Opener “Dedication” is just that to some of the greatest to pick up the mic underpinned by a distinctly creative concept. As Chop reels off a list of legendary names, Frost switches up the beats in recognition of their associated producers. In tracks “Back in the Days” and “Better with Time”, Chop addresses his own evolution in lifestyle and rhyme skills over the decades, while in “Other Shit” he delivers an onslaught of battle raps with featured artist Awful P.

“Leave it Alone” is the duo’s tribute to the late Sean Price who in tragic irony, passed away on Frost’s birthday. Appropriately featuring Ruste Juxx, it also includes bars from Chop’s affiliate Nobi who recorded “Operation Hellstorm” with the Brooklyn legend and Ali Vegas.


The themes are both reflective and progressive. Personally biographical, Chop narrates his own life story while depicting the grind as an independent artist, yet remains refreshingly optimistic for the future due to his relentless perseverence. The release also serves as a commentary on hip hop from a previous age by those who actually witnessed it, while acknowledging the genre’s own progression in line with their own.

Full of lyrical, sonic and cultural reference points, “Veteran” is born of the Golden Era with a sense of the future, and as such, is a snapshot into the mind of its creators.

(All tracks produced by Frost Gamble)

1 – Dedication
2 – Back in the Days
3 – Other Shit ft Awful P
4 – Better with Time ft DJ Waxamillion & S.One
5 – One Two
6 – Leave it Alone ft Ruste Juxx & Nobi
7 – Step Up

TWITTER @ToneChop @FrostGamble @Seven13Music
INSTAGRAM @ToneChop @Frost.Gamble

“VETERAN” releases worlwide on iTunes on 18th November 2016.


ARTIST Constant Deviants
ALBUM Omerta
RELEASE DATE 28th June 2016
LABEL Six2Six Records

Emcee M.I. and producer DJ Cutt return a year after releasing the critically acclaimed “Avant Garde” with a new album and concept.

The duo who have further developed their creative enterprises to incorporate film production as part of their ever expanding Six2Six organization have drawn from their respective Italian and Russian heritages to adopt the personas of Luciano and Lansky in the new album “Omerta” out on 28th June.

Describing the approach, M.I. explains “It’s to put a little of the fun back into hip hop, not just throwing out beats and bars. A return to the days where the focus was on entertainment, relating imaginative stories and putting more emphasis on actual songwriting.

Themed releases in hip hop have precedents in the shape of the Prince Paul classic “A Prince Among Thieves”, Kool Keith’s “Tashan Dorsett” and Little Brother’s “The Minstrel Show”, and “Omerta” follows in this tradition. The 13 tracks are a series of vignettes set in a metaphorical criminal underworld They depict familiar times, events and cultural reference points as a formula for conveying parallel meaning.


Such imagery has been used by rappers for decades, eager to portray a glorified vision of themselves, but M.I. is a man on a different mission, adding “I’m not endorsing a lifestyle or suggesting this is who I am in any literal sense. I wanted to address this subject in a more intelligent way, compare mindsets and situations in a broader dynamic.

Having acted in the movies “Swiss Banks” and the forthcoming “Six2Six” which co-stars Treach, Syleena Johnson and Chief Rocker Busy Bee, role playing within the context of an album release is a consistent extension of M.I.’s creative expression.

The group’s long established fanbase will recognize in “Omerta” their trademark sound rooted in the traditional idea of “two turntables and a microphone”, as displayed in last year’s “3Stylez” video series and to be followed by the upcoming “Tre Volte” series. DJ Cutt’s expertize in blending samples, original recordings and turntablism has been acknowledged since the group’s classic debut “Competition Catch Speed Knots” and earlier work with Roc-A-Fella Records.

Constant Deviants – 3Stylez Series Episode 2 – “Art of War” from UrbanElite Promotions on Vimeo.

His use of jazzy breaks, funk, rock, soul and electronica provides a perfect atmospheric backdrop. As M.I. moves through the decades to set the next drama, Cutt’s accompanying beats suggest a flavour of the time while remaining undeniably hip hop in nature.

M.I.’s unmistakeable cadence acts as the narrative throughout the sonic screenplays. In each track he juxtaposes his own experiences simultaneously with those of a series of characters, drawing comparisons to the hussle of an independent artist and label boss for the past 20 years. The machinations of the music industry are pulled into sharper focus as is the street knowledge required to earn from his chosen career. This is a master of his craft at work, effortlessly switching up imagery and operating in lyrical layers deeper than Inception.

“GTFOH” is an open challenge by a tradesman to apprentices reinforced by the “Al Capone of the Microphone” in “Newspaper Man” while issues of respect, entrapment, loyalty and survival are reflected in “So Underrated”, “Make My Bones” and “DeLorean”.

With expert marksman Luciano kicking the verbal ballistics aided and abetted by Lansky’s musical ammunition, these couple of hip hop goodfellas have once again produced in “Omerta” some piece of work. Tu chiedi, e questo una cosa bellissima? Forget about it….

TRACKLIST (All tracks produced by DJ Cutt)
2 – Newspaper Man
3 – Bada Bing
4 – So Underrated
5 – Plata O Plomo
6 – I-95
7 – Make My Bones
8 – Sparks Steakhouse
9 – Delorean
10 – Fuklinski
11 – Reign Storms
12 – Untitled
13 – We Up Tho

“Omerta” releases on vinyl, CD and digital formats worldwide on 28th June 2016




ARTIST Horseshoe Gang
ALBUM Anti-Trap Music
RELEASE DATE 29th April 2016
LABEL Seven 13 Music & Entertainment

Long Beach crew Horseshoe Gang return with more explosive lyrical firepower for the masses in their new album Anti-Trap Music, releasing on 29th April 2016.

It’s a family affair for brothers Demetrius, Julius, Kenny and Dice who formed as a group before reaching their teens, mentored and encouraged by their elder brothers Mad Man and KXNG Crooked – aka Crooked I.
Now at the heart of the re-emerging west coast rap scene, they have earned their medals and then some over the past decade with a prolific series of releases which has seen them establish a substantial international fanbase over the years.

Originally The Untouchable Gang, their name derives from the Indianapolis Colts shirts whose horseshoe “U” emblem was used as the group’s logo. Inspired by legends such as N.W.A., Jay-Z, Nas and Outkast, they first came to the public’s attention in 2008, featuring on Crooked I’s Block Obama II EP. The following year, as affiliates of their brother’s Circle of Bosses (C.O.B.) camp, they launched the Horseshoe Gang Weekly Series ahead of the release of their debut album Gangsta MC.


Driven by a phenomenal work ethic, they made a huge impact in 2011. Having featured on C.O.B. Volume II and Crooked I’s In None We Trust – The Prelude, the group released their own Opening Round EP followed by the album Firing Squad before appearing as featured artists on the Art of Freestyle Volume 6 Datpiff mixtape hosted by DJ Far. The year culminated with the release of their C.O.B. Cypher which would go viral on the internet.

In 2012, their Ambitonz Az A Writer mixtape was nominated for a Justo Mixtape Award and they would release the True Story EP in association with DJ Booth later that year. A new album Top Ramen Nigga followed in 2013 together with the launch of their Monthly Mixtape Series again in association with DJ Far. This series epitomised the group’s industrious nature, twelve monthly releases from 2013 to 2014, each with a different theme.

A tour in Spring 2015 with Rittz and Crooked I preceded the release of the Knockin on Rap’s Door EP, and they hit the headlines later in the year with their appearance on Sway in the Morning and their renowned rap battle with Hopsin’s Funk Volume.

The Gang hit the ground running in 2016 with the release of their single Crooked I Robot. In March they travel to Texas to appear at the prodigious SXSW Festival in the lead up to the release of the new album.

Anti-Trap Music represents the group’s psyche, both in title and content. Their reputation as ruthless lyricists delivering quick-fire rhymes, hooklines and superior wordplay is long established, but the album also displays a versatility in themes. The poignant reflection in Stress Relief contrasts the punchline packed Shoe-icide Squad, while their direct address to hip hop in Out of Touch is reinforced in the brilliantly innovative accapella of Who’s the Best Rapper. The art of storytelling paints vivid imagery in tracks such as Poverty Slogans, Falling and Broke Ass Nigga with proportionate swings in humour, rage and pathos evident throughout.

The backdrop is a soundscape merging classic hip hop beats and futuristic electronica with a twist of some classic west coast G-funk added in tribute to their roots. Among the producers are KXNG Crooked and Danish contingent Tabu (Kendrick Lamar, Aftermath), Grammy Award winners Pitchshifters, Jonathan Elkaer (Crooked I) and DJ E.D.D.E.H.

For a flavour of the concept, the last words are best left to Horseshoe Gang themselves:

If you’re tired of hearing your kids singing songs around the house that’s talking about pushing crack, then get our new album !”


1 – Intro ft KXNG Crooked (produced by Jonathan Elkaer & DJ E.D.D.E.H.)
2 – I Want (produced by Pitchshifters)
3 – Poverty Slogans (produced by Jonathan Elkaer & DJ E.D.D.E.H.)
4 – Stress Relief (produced by Pitchshifters)
5 – Shoe-icide Squad (produced by Tabu)
6 – Poor Swagg (produced by Pitchshifters
7 – Interlude
8 – Out of Touch (produced by Komplex)
9 – Who’s The Best Rapper (produced by KXNG Crooked)
10 – Broke Ass Nigga (produced by Aktive)
11 – Falling (produced by Serious Beats)
12 – Crooked I Robot (produced by Jonathan Elkaer)




“Anti -Trap Music” releases worlwide on CD and digital formats on 29th April 2016




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