Justo the MC & Brelstaff “Urban Testimony” album released November 3rd 2023
Anthony Kannon & Frost Gamble “Cautionary Tales” album released October 20th 2023
Ramson Badbonez “Lead by Example” album released August 27th 2021
Az Izz “Dopeliss” album released July 3rd 2020
Tru Trilla “God of Barz” album released May 29th 2020
Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown “Panacea” album released May 5th 2020
Tru Trilla “The Seymour Chronicles EP” released March 17th 2020
Krash Slaughta vs B.I.M. ” ‘ 18 Showdown EP ” released December 6th 2019
Belles in Monica
“Natsukashii – Lazarus EP Volume 2” released June 7th 2019
Underground Cartel “Sapientia EP” released May 17th 2019
Belles in Monica “Y’All in Meltdown – Lazarus EP Volume 1” released April 26th 2019

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  • ARTIST Justo the MC & Brelstaff
  • ALBUM “Urban Testimony”
  • RELEASE DATE November 3rd 2023
  • LABEL New Dawn Records

In the richest traditions of the art of storytelling, Brooklyn rapper Justo the MC has teamed up with Edinburgh producer Brelstaff for a fascinating new album documenting his arrival at a crossroads from a life defining year.     

“Urban Testimony” is a deeply personal narrative depicting events leading up to and during his curtailed stay at Clark Atlanta University.    Raised in a household of faith surrounded by a tough environment, details unfold of a conflicted mind on a potential escape route to academia straying rapidly on a path to hedonism, due in no small part to the prevalent culture witnessed on arrival. 

Although an account of a specific set of experiences from a singular perspective, it is a story which will resonate more widely.  At its heart is the question of self identity, motivations and aspirations while presented with the opportunities to be liberated from constraints.  However this is neither celebration nor glorification, but instead a reflection of regret, the consequences incurred and knowledge gained.   


It is of little surprise that a rapper of such pedigree would display all the skills required to paint such vivid pictures with the lyrical pen.   First emerging in 2010 while collaborating with his cousin DJ Vic Black of The Gang Starr Foundation, strong foundations were built on a series of independent releases. Those included work with Philadelphia’s power producer Elbe Kim on the 2014 project “Fly Seoul” the mixtape “7-1-Ocho” with Mexican producer Ocho Vasquez and culminated in the explosive “Black Ops” produced entirely by the legendary Showbiz of D.I.T.C. curated by DJ Vick Black and DJ Premier.    

A deep rooted mindset to work beyond borders, further collaborations with producers from Italy, Canada and the UK added to an already impressive back catalogue, while in more recent times, several releases with fellow Brooklynite Maticulous saw the pair appear on DJ Premier’s “Live From HeadQuarterz” Shade 45 show on Sirius XM as part of their promotional tour for the album “Mind of a Man”.   

 The soundtrack to the new album is provided by Edinburgh producer Brelstaff.  Originally operating under his born name Daryl Donald, his reputation as one of the most respected emerging beatmakers was well earned with the release of “Solitude” in 2017 followed in 2019 by the albums “Behold the Spirit” and “Full Circle” which cumulatively generated over a million streams on Spotify.  

Since adopting the new pseudonym he released the self titled album “Brelstaff” in 2020 and most recently in February 2023 the single “Cursive” with renowned west coast rapper Fashawn.  His first venture with Justo the MC came in 2021 with the release of “Swagu” and his trademark concoction of chilled lofi soulful hip hop blended with jazz fusion and ambient electronica sets the perfect backdrop for the turbulent and complex themes addressed in their new joint venture.    

As Justo continues the metaphysical role of both interrogator and witness tackling his loss of faith, alienation from family, drink and drug experimentation, promiscuity and the subsequent disconnect from reality he begins to experience with an impending sense of despair, Brelstaff’s productions are symbiotic in nature.   Images of an emotional rollercoaster through nostalgia, bliss, fear, confusion and regrets are etched onto an ethereal and hypnotic musical score manifested in tracks “High”, “Fine Line”, “Satan’s Grip”, “No Escape”, “Falling” and “Dark Room”.       

However so too are the uplifting soulful sounds of “Definition of Love” and “Sunday” reflecting the album’s key fundamental messages of redemption, renewed focus and self discovery.  

A tale of epiphany from harsh lessons learned, creatively wrapped in a heartfelt cry of “Carpe Diem” to all who may be similarly minded to risk it all.  You have been so advised… an essential listen.


  • Don’t Forget The Music
  • Fine Line
  • High
  • Is She ft Preem
  • No Escape
  • Satan’s Grip
  • Falling
  • Dark Room ft DVNA
  • Definition of Love
  • Sunday

All singles and the album itself are available to stream and download from all major digital platforms including Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music, with official videos for every track having been published on the label’s Youtube channel @newdawnrecords


Justo the MC on Twitter @MC_Justo IG @JustoTheMC & FB @JustoTheMC

Brelstaff on Twitter @BrelstaffMusic IG @BrelstaffMusic & FB @BrelstaffMusic


  • ARTIST Anthony Kannon & Frost Gamble
  • ALBUM “Cautionary Tales”
  • RELEASE DATE October 20th 2023
  • LABEL New Dawn Records

It’s a New York State of mind as rapper Anthony Kannon and producer Frost Gamble join forces on the new compelling album “Cautionary Tales”.

Recipient of the title “Best Rapper” at the Ithaca Music Awards in 2019, the young lyricist draws on his own real life battles and traumatic episodes, conveying a wide range of subject matter represented throughout the aptly titled release.  It is a remarkable journey encapsulated in a series of biographical depictions, all with an underlying theme of survival, escape, progression and transformation.    

Witnessing as a 6 year old the incarceration of his mother due to drug dependency issues and the subsequent break up of the family unit with siblings displaced across America had, understandably, a huge impact on one so young.  However as he relates in the narrative, it also provided a motivation to pick up the pen for the first time, encouraged by his musician father.

A talented athlete at school, street corner hustles were necessary to supplement the limited household income, and the album explores at length the harsh realities while dispensing of any glamourisation.  Surrounded by betrayals, dangers and the loss of life, the subsequent emergence and change of path still brought with it a legacy of consequences.  The challenges of breaking free from shackles and perceptions held by the street are not inconsiderable, but the journey to new horizons remained undaunted.    

The themes are handled with impressive maturity, not least in the aftermath of having been shot in the family home by armed intruders where, as in earlier years, the trauma of his “life changing experience” was turned on its head and used for a new level of focus.  Stating at the time “Success will be the best revenge.  Whoever did this is ruining their lives, not mine” the linear motivation was genuine and has born witness to a prolific period of writing ever since.

Regarded as a local classic for the diversity of issues raised, the “Colorblind” EP in 2019 was followed by the release of the video “Cartel” addressing police brutality at the height of the George Floyd tragedy.  A dedicated champion of the local music scene, the video featured a plethora of local artists under the stronger together banner all sending a united message against injustices they have experienced first hand.       

A series of EP’s and albums followed in 2021 and 2022, and it is fitting that with such passion for his home State he should turn to a local veteran producer in taking the next step of his journey, Binghamton’s Frost Gamble.

Originally a rap battler in the 1990’s, the switch to the desk and relocation to Manitoba, Canada, heralded a new era.  Early work included productions with Young Bleed, Sadat X, J-Ro, Doc Ice and Tahmell, son of the legendary Rakim, while in 2013 he contributed to Fresh I.E.’s “Red Letterz 13” which duly won  “Album of the Year” at the Canadian Gospel Music Awards.

Re-uniting with long time Binghamton sparring partner and rapper Tone Chop, in 2016 their “Veteran” EP enjoyed an impressive international reception, continued the following year with the release of the album “Respect is Earned Not Given” which culminated in a guest appearance on DJ Eclipse’s Sirius XM show ‘Rap Is Outta Control’.

The body of work from the pair since then has been nothing short of phenomenal with an extensive back catalogue augmented with every passing year.   Separately Frost released further projects with, among others,  Tragedy Khadafi, KXNG Crooked, Horseshoe Gang and Craig G while producing his “Sixteens” series of instrumentals.  Additionally, a long track record of helping to develop new emerging artists from his original home State and Canada means destiny resonates for Anthony and Frost with this debut collaborative album.

Authentically powerful, this is Storyville of a life less ordinary set to the highest caliber soundtrack. Immense.


  • Pitfalls
  • Lazy Eye
  • Make It Rain
  • Take It Easy ft Shea & Justo the MC (co-produced by Serge Paul)
  • Long Ride
  • Never Was Cool
  • Cold Start
  • Miss Daisy
  • Conye
  • Second Floor
  • Echo Echo ft Tone Chop
  • Thousand People
  • Album Engineered by David Brown of D Brown Sounds

All singles and the album itself are available to stream and download from all major digital platforms including Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music, with official videos for every track having been published on the label’s Youtube channel @newdawnrecords


Further information available at New Dawn Records’ official website They are also on Twitter @newdawnrecs & Instagram @realnewdawnrecs


Anthony Kannon on Twitter @AnthonyKannonn IG @AnthonyKannon FB @AnthonyKannon

Frost Gamble on Twitter @FrostGamble IG @Frost.Gamble FB @FrostGamble


  • ARTIST Ramson Badbonez
  • ALBUM “Lead by Example”
  • RELEASE DATE August 27th 2021
  • LABEL New Dawn Records

Long established as a cornerstone of the burgeoning UK hip hop scene, prolific rapper Ramson Badbonez swaps the mic for the mixing desk for the first time with the release of his explosive new album “Lead by Example”.

Throughout one of the most impressive production debuts witnessed for many years, benchmark standards are set early with a high bar. Unique in its nature, heavyweights from the USA, Canada and the UK share equal billing in a stellar line up of guest featured artists delivering a showcase of the highest calibre lyricism, compelling rhymes and slick wordplay.

Immersed in the culture from his early teenage years, Ramson’s wider influences of original funk, soul, rare groove and jazz are discernible in a soundtrack woven together to fuse the classic and modern eras. Laced with additional scratch sorcery courtesy of turntablists DJ Miracle, Kompoze and DJ Jazz T, each track precision cut as a backdrop for the gamut of verbal artistry to unleash their full artillery.

Rarely, if ever, has such an array of trans-Atlantic talent appeared together on the one record with beats forged in the streets of London. Following the frenzied beat juggling of the album’s intro, “Stay True” lays down the marker, a timeless slice of neck breaking boom bap ferociously torn apart by east coast warriors Reks, Ruste Ruxx & Blacastan. The raucous early exchanges transition to the cool west coast groove of “Rap to the Future” as Dizzy Dustin, Mr Hooper & Canada’s Moka Only take turns in evoking the sights and sounds of earlier years.

The album represents a new additional chapter of a career, and Ramson reminds us of his continued lyrical prowess with sparring partner Mark Fear on the fuel injected “Nonchalant” before again switching gears to the smoky new wave flavours of “Bismillah” blessed by cerebral jewels from Brooklyn’s Justo the MC, Johaz of Dag Savage and rapidly rising Nebraskan Sleep Sinatra.

The art of storytelling underpins “Wolves” with street tales of fallen kingpins as Ramson again picks up the mic with fellow Londoners Cyclonious and Triple Darkness member Phoenix da Icefire through a journey down the city’s underbelly accompanied by the subtle echoes of atmospheric piano loops. The mood shifts direction again as ebullient rasping brass stabs strike up and hail the arrival of “Equality for Every”, Ramson this time being joined by “the good doctor” Chima Anya over quirky syncopation as the pair compare notes on racial justice and equal opportunities.

New Jersey verbal assassins Tru Trilla, Fly Kwa and Prince Ak are next to enter the ring with their raw and uncompromising punchlines delivering knockout blows to all comers on “Lame Duck”, the energy intensified by potent bass and kicks combinations that tears through defences and takes no prisoners in a sonic war of attrition.

Going solo on “Chinchillas”, Ramson takes down the fake exponents with sniper-like accuracy, lyrically dissecting his targets with the ease of a surgeon’s knife before his mix of high octane breakbeat and acid-jazz fires up the engines and clears the way for Az Izz of The Outsidaz, Ohio’s Speed Walton and New Jersey natives Cymarshall Law and Quip to bring out the verbal cannons on “Reservoir Dogs”.

It’s an all UK affair on the album’s penultimate track as a “Who’s Who” of the local scene pile in with Ramson to trade bars on the outstanding posse cut “Black Hole Cypher”. Relentless business from Kashmere, Truemendous, MysDiggi, Micall Parknsun, Joker Starr, Gee Bag, Confucius, Jehst and Phoenix da Icefire precedes title track “Lead by Example”, a straight banger with Stateside luminaries Recognize Ali, Skyzoo and New York’s Juxx Diamondz dropping knowledge through trademark dexterous flows to wrap up things up in considerable style.

An essential hip hop collector’s item with few comparisons, an authentic landmark release. This is the real deal.


  • On Your Mark (Intro) ft DJ Miracle
  • Stay True ft Reks, Ruste Juxx & Blacastan
  • Rap to the Future ft Dizzy Dustin, Mr Hooper & Moka Only (cuts by Kompoze)
  • Nonchalant ft Mark Fear
  • Bismillah ft Justo the MC, Johaz & Sleep Sinatra
  • Wolves ft Phoenix da Icefire & Cyclonious
  • Equality for Every ft Chima Anya
  • Lame Duck ft Tru Trilla, Fly Kwa & Prince Ak
  • Chinchillas
  • Reservoir Dogs ft Az Izz, Cymarshall Law, Speed Walton & Quip
  • Black Hole Cypher ft Kashmere, Truemendous, MysDiggi, Micall Parknsun, Joker Starr, Gee Bag, Confucius, Jehst & Phoenix da Icefire
  • Lead by Example ft Recognize Ali, Skyzoo & Juxx Diamondz (cuts by DJ Jazz T)

The album is available to stream & download from all major digital platforms and online stores including Apple, Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon & Tidal


Ramson Badbonez on social media : INSTAGRAM * FACEBOOK * TWITTER



  • ARTIST Az Izz
  • ALBUM “Dopeliss”
  • RELEASE DATE July 3rd 2020
  • LABEL New Dawn Records

Az Izz of legendary New Jersey crew The Outsidaz makes a long overdue return to the heat of battle with the release of his new album “Dopeliss”.

Born in Guyana, South America, the rapper and producer moved to New Jersey in his early teens where the sounds of Heavy D, KRS-One and LL Cool J formed the mindset and ultimate artistic path.

Swapping the turntables for the microphone, in 1995 he joined The Outsidaz which included in their extensive numbers Pace Won, Rah Digga, D.U. and the late Slang Ton. With medals long earned locally, the group came to wider prominence through their guest appearance on fellow Garden State natives “The Fugees” multi platinum selling album “The Score”.

The group also collaborated on several early projects with a new fast rising crew from Detroit at the time, D12. This fact is acknowledged by Eminem in his multiple shout outs for the group throughout his breakthrough “The Slim Shady” LP.

With the pursuit of solo careers in full flow, notably Rah Digga’s move to Flipmode Squad and Pace Won’s work with producer Mr Green, Az Izz formed his own development imprint Green Team using his own experience to help nurture new upcoming producers and rappers.

Continuing his dual role on the boards and with the mic, he collaborated with a diverse array of artists including Sublime with Rome, Ray J and Trey Songz while providing soundtracks for tv, film and sports including The Fox News network and NCAA. The father of an autistic son, he has also raised awareness and better understanding through his own Autism Foundation.

His return to the hip hop fold began in 2012 with the release of his first solo album “Born in Sin, Shaped in Iniquity” and more recently in 2018 with “Sir Aubrey King”. In June 2019 he appeared as a guest on DJ Eclipse’s Rap is Outta Control Show on Shade 45 alongside MC Whiteowl and Yahzeed where he discussed the earliest days of The Outsidaz.

The full circle was completed in 2020 with the signing to New Dawn Records for the release of the new album “Dopeliss” which in itself reflects the roads travelled through the years.

Largely self produced, the styles span the decades and knit together like the fabric of hip hop itself.

Opener “Let Me Get That” is a recently uncovered rare gem from the backroom vaults featuring Outsidaz sparring partners Pace Won, D.U. and the late Slang Ton. The album in itself acts as a historic mapping of the evolving east coast sound through the ages. From the classic boom bap of “You Know” speed dialled forward to the hybrid EDM of “Gunz n Dice Games” and everything in between, it’s a testament to the enduring qualities of all the genre’s forms how easily they stand shoulder to shoulder on the same tracklist.

The guest producers stir the pot further. Essex County’s 3rdRell adds some electro Caribbean ingredients on “Trouble” while Newark’s Qua Z Mo lights the touch paper on the fuel injected banger “Nunya”.

Lyrically it’s the traditional art of storytelling, street life, aspirations and struggles. A full platter that still leaves a little room for a traditional rap beef, in this case a historic tussle with Royce da 5’9” on “Gettin It”.

The gloves are back on, welcome back to the ring


  • Let Me Get That ft Slang Ton, Pace Won & D.U. (produced by Az Iz)
  • Crazy ft D.U. (produced by Az Izz)
  • Gunz n Dice Games (produced by Az Izz)
  • Ghetto (produced by Az Izz)
  • Trouble (produced by 3rdRell)
  • Gettin’ It ft Drift (produced by Az Izz)
  • You Know (produced by Az Izz)
  • Nunya (produced by Qua Z Mo)
  • Interstate ft Nam & D.U. (produced by DJ Profluent)
  • Itz da $$ ft Equip, Rube the Difference & Jaja Kenyatta (produced by Az Izz)

The album will be available to stream and download from all major platforms and digital stores worldwide from July 3rd 2020. Dsitributed by Ingrooves / Universal

Az Izz on social media : TWITTER * INSTAGRAM * FACEBOOK



  • ARTIST Tru Trilla
  • ALBUM “God of Barz”
  • RELEASE DATE May 29th 2020
  • LABEL New Dawn Records

Brick City’s lyrical marksman Tru Trilla brings the noise and then some on the new explosive hip hop album “God of Barz”.

From the State that brought us Wu Tang, Rah Digga and Ice-T, the New Jersey rapper and long term affiliate of Naughty by Nature and Lords of the Underground follows in their legendary footsteps with a heavy verbal artillery at his disposal delivering fierce bars and dexterous rhymes.

Raw and uncompromising, Tru continues to plant a flag for the Garden State. As part of the group 050 Boyz who derive their name from the area code, he enjoyed worldwide recognition and media coverage for the release of their “050 Everything” album in 2015 which culminated in guest appearances on Sirius Xm at the invitation of both DJ Eclipse and DJ Premier.

The new album however represents a broadening of horizons. There is an additional international dynamic with productions courtesy of Barcelona’s Sumerio Square and England’s Chat One, while Chicago’s DNA Beatz weighs in with a concoction of sounds drawing from both the classic and contemporary eras.

With the musical passport stamped, Tru returns home and calls on local hero Clinton Place for some further sonic gems. Now based in Los Angeles, the original tour DJ of Flavor Unit’s Supreme C delivers high on the quality scale as expected of someone who has produced for Ice Cube, Mack 10, Canibus, Rass Kass, Skyzoo, Yukmouth and Killah Priest.

Newark natives Middy Murdock, Fly Kwa, Confucious and fellow group member Prince Ak compliment Tru’s rhyme schemes as the album’s featured guest artists, intensifying the energy with their own distinctive flows and gritty lyricism.

Tru digs deep with the subject matter. The recurring use of “God” in track titles is less a religious statement, but more a metaphor encouraging the potential of the inner deity. His passionate bars are a war cry championing the cause of the underdog, the disengaged, the oppressed and the aspirational. Deploying the narrative of the inner city, venomous lines are spat out with indignant defiance in a wave of precision targeted salvos.

The political tensions of racial profiling, corruption, deprivation and equal opportunities are given equal billing to wider issues of survival hardwired into the psyche of the street. Tru’s dedication to the traditional ethos of hip hop is also evident throughout, and like a veteran prize fighter prowls the ring in pursuit of young pretenders with their current representations of the genre.

Amidst this raucous war of attrition are moments of pathos with Tru in more reflective mode, recounting his earlier life and personal journey through the years.

The eclectic productions feed the mood swings. The driving fuel injected intensity of “God’s Mercy” is contrasted by the stripped down percussive beat in “Fake Views”. Straight head nodders “Word of God” and “God of Barz” play off the upbeat funk laced through “In and Out”, while the bass heavy electro banger God’s Sympathy reaches inside, pulls out the soul and sends it back in pieces.

In essence, “God of Barz” reflects Tru’s earliest influences Rakim and Public Enemy – bold and rugged, it’s the harsh realities served with some hip hop sugar. Compelling listening, one for the ages.


  • God’s Partical ft Middy Murdock produced by Clinton Place
  • Word of God produced by DNA Beatz
  • Real Rap ft Prince Ak produced by Sumerio Square
  • God’s Mercy produced by DNA Beatz
  • Fake Views produced by Chat One
  • God’s Sympathy ft Fly Kwa & Confucious produced by DNA Beatz
  • In and Out produced by Chat One
  • Real Right produced by Clinton Place
  • Get it Going ft Prince Ak produced by Sumerio Square
  • God of Barz produced by DNA Beatz
  • The Rebel produced by Clinton Place

The album will be available to stream and download from all major online platforms and digital stores worldwide from May 29th 2020. Distributed by Ingrooves / Universal

Tru Trilla on social media : TWITTER * INSTAGRAM * FACEBOOK



  • ARTIST Phoenix Da Icefire & Husky Brown
  • ALBUM “Panacea”
  • RELEASE DATE May 5th 2020
  • LABEL New Dawn Records

In Panacea, London duo Phoenix da Icefire and Husky Brown have delivered one of the most creative and relevant albums for these turbulent times while setting a new standard and fresh perspective for rap music in the process.

Breaking from formulaic convention, the concept is both as abstract as it is grounded in reality, an invitation to join them on a kaleidoscopic journey through the modern human experience.

Formerly of the Midlands, producer and ex street artist Husky may have swapped disciplines but still conjures up vivid imagery through epic and diverse soundscapes. Fusing the sounds of the UK’s inner city through the decades, the potent cocktail of hip hop, electronica, dub, reggae, soul and r&b is reminiscent of FSOL in their prime fuelled with shades of Goldie, Vibronics and Massive Attack. Further ingredients provide a concoction with hints of Schifrin, Pete Rock and Sly culminating in a dynamic and impressively coherent backdrop for Phoenix da Icefire to depict his visions of reconciling the chaos.

As a member of the highly rated Triple Darkness crew, his reputation as one of the most gifted lyricists from the UK hip hop scene grew exponentially both at home and abroad. With a number of solo albums, mixtapes and work with luminaries including Cormega under his belt, his supporting role for New York’s The Doppelgangaz at the Camden Assembly in 2019 spawned the new partnership with Husky in attendance.

Describing the new album as “the most truthful piece of music I’ve done to date”, Phoenix sets his existential sights on the pressing issues currently facing corners of society and the global community at large. Addressed in isolation, they are woven together in a tapestry portraying symptoms of parallel origins while offering a panacea for the causal nexus.

Mirroring Husky’s eclectic productions, Phoenix switches attention effortlessly to tackle recurring themes of the environment, mental health, racism, disengagement, eudaimonia and interdependence.

Amidst the frenzy of electronica, “The Humans are Coming” pens a letter of contrition to the mythological Gaia for the damage done to her realm, while the Caribbean flavours of “Judgement Day” provides the heart beat behind the bars shining a light on the Windrush scandal. “Sins of Gaia” continues the theme, the inner conflict between rage and calm dignity in the face of authoritative prejudice and intolerance.

Electing higher paths while surrounded by maelstroms resonates through the hip hop of “Dark Rainbow Light” the soulful “Don’t Doubt Yourself” and the vibrancy of “Life is Magic”, but in the case of Phoenix, this is more than just lip service. His “Sovereign Comics” series which combine positive and educational storylines with inspirational characters has led to partnerships with local schools, while his writing and creative industry workshops encourage social change by providing opportunities for those too often neglected. The symbiosis with Husky is further apparent given his own artwork donations to children’s charities and the “Schools for Schools” initiative.

For their groundbreaking debut joint release, the pair have hard wired into society’s mainframe. The empathy for mental health issues displayed in the poignantly infectious “Travelling Buddy” is still underpinned by the album’s narrative of hope, alternatively characterized through the slick r&b floor filler “Seasons of You”. The dexterity of wordplay, metaphors and rhyme schemes are present throughout, epitomized by the neck breaking hip hop of “Mr Shine” and “Cosmic Soul”. The ancient and futuristic symbolism gives Phoenix the latitude to drill down to the core of an existence many will recognize amplified by Husky’s cross cultural soundtrack.

An extraordinary and multidimensional album, but at its heart the essence of hip hop….rhymes, beats and life.


  • Virgo (Intro)
  • Shake Things Up
  • Judgement Day
  • Sins of Gaia
  • Dark Rainbow Light
  • Black Queen (Interlude)
  • Seasons of You featuring Natalie May
  • Don’t Doubt Yourself featuring Reece Jackson
  • Split Personality
  • Travelling Buddy featuring Chantelle Small
  • Life is Magic
  • Veganite
  • Cosmic Soul
  • The Humans are Coming
  • I’ll Be There (Interlude)
  • Mr Shine
  • Love For Free
  • Libra (Outro)

The album will be available to stream and download from all major digital stores and streaming platforms worldwide from May 5th 2020. Distributed by Ingrooves / Universal

Phoenix da Icefire on social media : TWITTER * INSTAGRAM * FACEBOOK

Husky Brown on social media : TWITTER * INSTAGRAM * FACEBOOK



  • ARTIST Tru Trilla
  • EP “The Seymour Chronicles”
  • RELEASE DATE March 17th 2020
  • LABEL New Dawn Records

Brick City’s lyrical marksman Tru Trilla has earned his stripes within New Jersey’s independent hip hop scene for the past 20 years.

Citing Rakim and Public Enemy among his earliest influences, he invokes the style of the greats with his trademark fierce rhymes, intelligent wordplay and hard witty bars addressing real life issues from the streets and beyond.

Driven to represent and give voice to his local New Jersey community while championing the traditional values of hip hop’s golden age, he began as a founding member of the group “It’s Only Family” before working with Naughty by Nature, Lords of the Underground and El da Sensei.

Through his involvement in Treach’s Garden State Movement of 2004 designed to bring the local hip hop community together, multiple cross collaborations inevitably led to long term working relationships which last to this day.

Ultimately and most notably the group 050 Boyz were formed from the embers of these various fires with sparring partners Prince Ak and RIQ. Taking their name from New Jersey’s district code was a clear statement of intent, planting a flag firmly in the ground to represent their area, as did their classic 2015 album “050 Everything”.

A whole host of local affiliates featured on the album including Fly Kwa, Treach, DoItAll, Famiil, Lakim and Trilly Trills, while production was courtesy of Clinton Place, the original tour DJ of Flavor Unit’s Supreme C.

This would prove to be a landmark release for the group, projecting their name beyond Newark as they enjoyed worldwide airplay and written media coverage, culminating with guest appearances on Sirius XM at the invitation of both DJ Eclipse and DJ Premier.

With all continuing to pursue solo careers, Tru Trilla has signed up with New Dawn Records for two initial releases, the first being “The Seymour Chronicles EP”, a precursor for his incredible album “God of Barz” which releases May 29th.

Out on March 17th, the EP features 050’s Prince Ak & RIQ together with Fly Kwa and all deliver high on the verbal ballistics scale with skilled rhymes, bars and hooklines. Entirely produced by another New Jersey native Joey Loax, the classic sound of the east coast is in full effect and serves as a tasty appetizer for the main course in May. Check out the video teaser below for a flavour.


  • Warzone ft Fly Kwa & RIQ
  • 20 to Life ft Prince Ak
  • Fuck Boy
  • Cookie Kings
  • I Remember ft Prince Ak & RIQ
  • Made Up
  • Hot Sauce

The EP will be available to stream and download from all major digital stores and platforms from March 17th 2020. Distributed by Ingrooves / Universal

Tru Trilla on social media : TWITTER * INSTAGRAM * FACEBOOK

Keep up to date with all of New Dawn Records’ news via their Official Website and check for updates on their social media platforms TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK



ARTIST Krash Slaughta vs B.I.M.
EP ” ’18 Showdown “
RELEASE DATE December 6th 2019
LABEL New Dawn Records

Hip Hop label New Dawn Records celebrate their return after a 15 year sabbatical by wrapping up 2019 with the release of the final EP in an initial relaunch series while preparing for a busy 2020.

Developments in recent months will signal the announcement of new signings from the USA and UK shortly, with a succession of EP’s and albums scheduled for the year ahead.

Earlier this year saw the releases of Underground Cartel’s “Sapientia EP”, an international collaboration featuring artists from the USA, UK, Europe and Africa, and Belles in Monica’s “Y’All in Meltdown” and “Natsukashii” EP’s which included special re-worked vinyl classics and previously unreleased material by the hip hop crew on digital formats for the first time.

Renowned through the years for his trademark unique production style fusing imaginative experimental soundscapes with driving beats and exquisite scratching techniques, it was a metting of like minds given the group’s own distinctive musical approach and lyrical subject matter.

The soundtrack provided for “What D’Ya Need” underpins a storyline travelling into the destructive dark recesses of a narcotic inner city world, while the fuel injected funk and cutting frenzy of “Meltdown” invokes the chaos contained within the rhymes. The mash up of soul, driving bass and off kilter effects seemlessly blends the themes of “That All U Got?”, as does the unrelenting potency of “Resistance is Futile II”, the metaphorical dystopian vision of a Borg infested future crashing towards an explosive finale.


ARTIST Belles in Monica
EP “Natsukashii – Lazarus EP Volume 2”
RELEASE DATE June 7th 2019
LABEL New Dawn Records

The third in the initial series of four EP’s marking the re-launch of New Dawn Records after their 15 year hiatus, this is the follow up to hip hop crew Belles in Monica’s “Y’All in Meltdown – Lazarus EP Volume 1” April 26th release.

Their original vinyl and CD releases in the pre-digital era of printed press and analogue radio enjoyed extensive international coverage, airplay and club support including BBC, Choice, Billboard, Blues & Soul and DJ Magazine

Their reputation for hard hitting uncompromising rhymes addressing a range of social and cultural issues “brilliantly recreating the insane urban crush (DJ)” often travelled where others feared to tread, much of which remains as relevant and prophetic in the global chaos of 2019.


Through tight eclectic beats with at times filmic themes, journeys are taken to the dark underbelly of inner city drug squalor in “Smoke Filled Rooms”, industry machinations are firmly in the target sites of “That All U Got?” while the clandestine methods of persuasion employed by broadcast and social media platforms are called out in “Venom”.

The booming “Skitzophentic” provides the backdrop for a tirade against generic conformity while the mood is switched in “Hip Hop”, a funked up, sample laden ode to the culture.

The final credits roll with “Resistance is Futile”, a metaphorical vision of mayhem instigated by primitive landlords set to hand over the keys.

They walk different paths to today’s well beaten roads. Escape for a while and enjoy the ride.


Smoke Filled Rooms (’18 Edit}
Smoke Filled Rooms (’18 Edit instrumental)
Skitzophonetic (’18 Edit)
Skitzophonetic (’18 Edit instrumental)
That All U Got? (’18 Edit)
Timebomb (’18 Edit)
Hip Hop (’18 Edit)
Hell’s Gain ft Scheer
Resistance is Futile (’18 Edit)

The EP will be available to download and stream from all major platforms and stores on June 7th 2019

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ARTIST Underground Cartel
EP “Sapientia EP”
RELEASE DATE May 17th 2019
LABEL New Dawn Records

The second in a series of four specially commissioned EP’s to mark the re-launch of the label New Dawn Records, “Sapientia” by Underground Cartel is the brainchild of producer Kruze who has assembled an impressive array of talent from around the world to join him in a series of brand new tracks.

An international collaborative project rooted in the traditions of unity within the global hip hop community, multiple territories are represented by the various male and female featured artists.


From the United States, west coast rappers Swiss Precise (KBH Crew) and Crazy Ballhead are joined by Iowa’s Brandon J Atlas, Boston’s Yukonn MC, Virginia’s Black Market, Baltimore rapper Tone Rome and NYC’s Lockness, all blessing the mic with fierce rhymes and unique lyrical flows alongside the UK’s Creamo and Rapstation host Mr CRF.

They stand shoulder to shoulder with a healthy European contingent.  On the fuel injected “Warriors”, Spain’s El Meswy trades bars with Black Market and Beni Blanco from French crew “Originaires du Sud”, Croatia’s Magellano goes toe to toe with Creamo, Brandon J Atlas and the late, great Primo Brown from Italy’s Cor Veleno crew on the infectious “Evolution”, while Dutch rapper Bleek and German counterpart Grizu join Lockness on the driving neck breaker “New Testament”.

Italy’s Marya walks a neon lit path with Yukonn MC and Swiss Precise down the laid back jazzy recesses of “U Owe It 2 Yourself” as Zimbabwe’s Dumi Right and Mr CRF go all in on the gritty 70’s funk laden “Diggin’ Deeper”.

True to its essence with choice beats and superior lyricism delivered in native tongues, the 8 track EP also provides a departure from the beaten path with some R&B flavours to finish.



Evolution ft Creamo, Magellano, Brandon J Atlas & Primo Brown
Diggin’ Deeper ft Mr CRF & Dumi Right
Warriors ft El Meswy, Black Market & Beni Blanco
U Owe It 2 Yourself ft Yukonn MC, Marya & Swiss Precise
New Testament ft Bleek, Lockness & Grizu
Never Givin’ Way [’18 Edit] ft Tone Rome & Crazy Ballhead
Las Vegas Soul (B.I.M. Originz)
One Way Call (B.I.M. Re-fix)

The EP will be available to stream and download from all major stores and platforms worldwide on May 17th 2019

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ARTIST Belles in Monica
EP “Y’All in Meltdown – Lazarus EP Volume 1”
RELEASE DATE April 26th 2019
LABEL New Dawn Records

After a 15 year hiatus, independent hip hop label New Dawn Records have returned to the fold in 2019, and are marking the event with the release of four specially commissioned EP’s.

Originally established in 1996, the label diverted its energy and resources in 2004 to developing their original in house artist management and promotional division UrbanElite PR who for well over a decade would go on to work with a multitude of international Major and independent hip hop artists and labels.


Having signed a new distribution partnership deal with US company INgrooves, the label have set out a fresh vision for the future with a philosophy they describe as “artist-centric”, personalized to accommodate individual requirements and redress the balance by offering more in terms of infrastructure, support and financial recognition.

Already in advanced talks with a select group of artists regarding plans for later in the year, several of may be familiar to those acquainted with UrbanElite PR’s work, the first of the initial series of EP’s releases on April 26th 2019.

“Y’All in Meltdown – Lazarus EP Vol 1” by Belles in Monica is a combination of the crew’s classic singles “Y’All Under Surveillance” and “Meltdown”. Originally released only on vinyl, both were championed by BBC Radio 1’s Steve Lamacq among others, enjoyed extensive international club support, featured in publications including Billboard, DJ Magazine and Blues & Soul, and also provided the soundtracks for independent films.

The new EP includes newly remastered remixes by Phi Life Cypher beatmeister DJ Nappa and legendary DMC finalist DJ Krash Slaughta with further contributions by producers G-Sharp, Gripper and turntablist supreme Mr Thing. Also featured are versions never previously available including re-worked ” 18 Edits” of the originals



Y’All Under Surveillance (G-Sharp Remix)
Y’All Under Surveillance (DJ Nappa Remix)
Y’All Under Surveillance (DJ Nappa Remix instrumental)
Y’All Under Surveillance [’18 Edit]
Meltdown [’18 Edit]
Meltdown (DJ Nappa Remix ft Mr Thing)
Meltdown (Mr Krash Slaughta Massive Meltdown Remix)
Meltdown (Gripper Remix)

The EP will be available to stream and download from all major stores and platforms worldwide on April 26th 2019

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