Belles in Monica “Natsukashii – Lazarus EP Volume 2” releases June 7th 2019
Underground Cartel “Sapientia EP” releases May 17th 2019
Belles in Monica “Y’All in Meltdown – Lazarus EP Volume 1” releases April 26th 2019

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ARTIST Belles in Monica
EP “Natsukashii – Lazarus EP Volume 2”
RELEASE DATE June 7th 2019
LABEL New Dawn Records

The third in the initial series of four EP’s marking the re-launch of New Dawn Records after their 15 year hiatus, this is the follow up to hip hop crew Belles in Monica’s “Y’All in Meltdown – Lazarus EP Volume 1” April 26th release.

Their original vinyl and CD releases in the pre-digital era of printed press and analogue radio enjoyed extensive international coverage, airplay and club support including BBC, Choice, Billboard, Blues & Soul and DJ Magazine

Their reputation for hard hitting uncompromising rhymes addressing a range of social and cultural issues “brilliantly recreating the insane urban crush (DJ)” often travelled where others feared to tread, much of which remains as relevant and prophetic in the global chaos of 2019.


Through tight eclectic beats with at times filmic themes, journeys are taken to the dark underbelly of inner city drug squalor in “Smoke Filled Rooms”, industry machinations are firmly in the target sites of “That All U Got?” while the clandestine methods of persuasion employed by broadcast and social media platforms are called out in “Venom”.

The booming “Skitzophentic” provides the backdrop for a tirade against generic conformity while the mood is switched in “Hip Hop”, a funked up, sample laden ode to the culture.

The final credits roll with “Resistance is Futile”, a metaphorical vision of mayhem instigated by primitive landlords set to hand over the keys.

They walk different paths to today’s well beaten roads. Escape for a while and enjoy the ride.


Smoke Filled Rooms (’18 Edit}
Smoke Filled Rooms (’18 Edit instrumental)
Skitzophonetic (’18 Edit)
Skitzophonetic (’18 Edit instrumental)
That All U Got? (’18 Edit)
Timebomb (’18 Edit)
Hip Hop (’18 Edit)
Hell’s Gain ft Scheer
Resistance is Futile (’18 Edit)

The EP will be available to download and stream from all major platforms and stores on June 7th 2019

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ARTIST Underground Cartel
EP “Sapientia EP”
RELEASE DATE May 17th 2019
LABEL New Dawn Records

The second in a series of four specially commissioned EP’s to mark the re-launch of the label New Dawn Records, “Sapientia” by Underground Cartel is the brainchild of producer Kruze who has assembled an impressive array of talent from around the world to join him in a series of brand new tracks.

An international collaborative project rooted in the traditions of unity within the global hip hop community, multiple territories are represented by the various male and female featured artists.


From the United States, west coast rappers Swiss Precise (KBH Crew) and Crazy Ballhead are joined by Iowa’s Brandon J Atlas, Boston’s Yukonn MC, Virginia’s Black Market, Baltimore rapper Tone Rome and NYC’s Lockness, all blessing the mic with fierce rhymes and unique lyrical flows alongside the UK’s Creamo and Rapstation host Mr CRF.

They stand shoulder to shoulder with a healthy European contingent.  On the fuel injected “Warriors”, Spain’s El Meswy trades bars with Black Market and Beni Blanco from French crew “Originaires du Sud”, Croatia’s Magellano goes toe to toe with Creamo, Brandon J Atlas and the late, great Primo Brown from Italy’s Cor Veleno crew on the infectious “Evolution”, while Dutch rapper Bleek and German counterpart Grizu join Lockness on the driving neck breaker “New Testament”.

Italy’s Marya walks a neon lit path with Yukonn MC and Swiss Precise down the laid back jazzy recesses of “U Owe It 2 Yourself” as Zimbabwe’s Dumi Right and Mr CRF go all in on the gritty 70’s funk laden “Diggin’ Deeper”.

True to its essence with choice beats and superior lyricism delivered in native tongues, the 8 track EP also provides a departure from the beaten path with some R&B flavours to finish.



Evolution ft Creamo, Magellano, Brandon J Atlas & Primo Brown
Diggin’ Deeper ft Mr CRF & Dumi Right
Warriors ft El Meswy, Black Market & Beni Blanco
U Owe It 2 Yourself ft Yukonn MC, Marya & Swiss Precise
New Testament ft Bleek, Lockness & Grizu
Never Givin’ Way [’18 Edit] ft Tone Rome & Crazy Ballhead
Las Vegas Soul (B.I.M. Originz)
One Way Call (B.I.M. Re-fix)

The EP will be available to stream and download from all major stores and platforms worldwide on May 17th 2019

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ARTIST Belles in Monica
EP “Y’All in Meltdown – Lazarus EP Volume 1”
RELEASE DATE April 26th 2019
LABEL New Dawn Records

After a 15 year hiatus, independent hip hop label New Dawn Records have returned to the fold in 2019, and are marking the event with the release of four specially commissioned EP’s.

Originally established in 1996, the label diverted its energy and resources in 2004 to developing their original in house artist management and promotional division UrbanElite PR who for well over a decade would go on to work with a multitude of international Major and independent hip hop artists and labels.


Having signed a new distribution partnership deal with US company INgrooves, the label have set out a fresh vision for the future with a philosophy they describe as “artist-centric”, personalized to accommodate individual requirements and redress the balance by offering more in terms of infrastructure, support and financial recognition.

Already in advanced talks with a select group of artists regarding plans for later in the year, several of may be familiar to those acquainted with UrbanElite PR’s work, the first of the initial series of EP’s releases on April 26th 2019.

“Y’All in Meltdown – Lazarus EP Vol 1” by Belles in Monica is a combination of the crew’s classic singles “Y’All Under Surveillance” and “Meltdown”. Originally released only on vinyl, both were championed by BBC Radio 1’s Steve Lamacq among others, enjoyed extensive international club support, featured in publications including Billboard, DJ Magazine and Blues & Soul, and also provided the soundtracks for independent films.

The new EP includes newly remastered remixes by Phi Life Cypher beatmeister DJ Nappa and legendary DMC finalist DJ Krash Slaughta with further contributions by producers G-Sharp, Gripper and turntablist supreme Mr Thing. Also featured are versions never previously available including re-worked ” 18 Edits” of the originals



Y’All Under Surveillance (G-Sharp Remix)
Y’All Under Surveillance (DJ Nappa Remix)
Y’All Under Surveillance (DJ Nappa Remix instrumental)
Y’All Under Surveillance [’18 Edit]
Meltdown [’18 Edit]
Meltdown (DJ Nappa Remix ft Mr Thing)
Meltdown (Mr Krash Slaughta Massive Meltdown Remix)
Meltdown (Gripper Remix)

The EP will be available to stream and download from all major stores and platforms worldwide on April 26th 2019

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