If you would like to contact UrbanElite PR to enquire about the services we offer regarding promoting EPs & albums to worldwide press (print & online), single and video promotions, tour press, event promotion, arranging tour dates or anything else as highlighted in our About page, email urbanelitepr “at” gmail “dot” com with the subject matter “PR ENQUIRY”

Please provide us with some background information about you and the nature of your project, and no more than two examples of your music initially. We recommend you check the ARTISTS, VIDEOS and SINGLES pages, they will provide examples of the artists we have worked with in the past. We are more likely to consider working with hip hop artists of a similar style and approach due to our own preference in conjunction with marketability.

Details regarding our prices are supplied on request & calculated specific to label & artist requirements from our range of services.

Any members of the press, digital media or djs requesting information, product or interviews in relation to the artists we are promoting should contact us with “MEDIA ENQUIRY” written in the Subject Line.

Anyone looking to book any of the artists we work with should write “BOOKING ENQUIRY” in the Subject Line

Any other unsolicited emails received are & will be automatically deleted unopened.

Our various social media platforms are also highlighted at the ABOUT page

Click HOME to be returned to the main page and view press coverage, videos and singles of current campaigns

UrbanElite Promotions
T : @urbanelitepr
UrbanElite PR on FACEBOOK

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