Urbanelite PR have worked with many artists from all over the world in the past few years, whether promoting singles, albums, tour press or general publicity. Here’s a list of some with their country of origin and type of campaign – you can see more information in the Previous Campaigns page on this site :

  • 050 Boyz (USA) album
  • Ande Bishop (USA) EP
  • Apex Zero (UK) album
  • Az Izz (USA) album
  • B-Mus Khalil (UK) single
  • Barking Caucasians (USA) single
  • Belles in Monica (UK) EP’s
  • Belly (Canada) single
  • Bizarre (USA) album
  • Buggs tha Rocka (USA) album
  • Bumpy Knuckles (USA) single
  • Celly Cel (USA) single
  • Chima Anya (UK) single
  • Clarita (UK) single
  • Classified (Canada) album
  • Constant Deviants (USA) albums
  • Copywrite (USA) album
  • Cyclonious (UK) single
  • D12 (USA) tour press
  • Da Flyy Hooligan (UK) album
  • Deeprooted (USA) album
  • Double AB (USA) single
  • EtheMadAssassin (USA) album
  • Fefe Dobson (Canada) tour press / publicity
  • Gangalee (USA) single
  • Horseshoe Gang (USA) album
  • Iron Braydz (UK) EP
  • Jamieson (UK / USA) single
  • Kader (UK) single
  • Kid Vishis (USA) album
  • Krate Krusaders & Genesis Elijah (UK) album
  • Idris Elba (UK) single
  • La Bruja (USA) album
  • Malkovich (USA) single & mixtape launch
  • Matt Maddox (USA) single
  • Melanin 9 (UK) album
  • Peter Jackson (Canada) single
  • Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown (UK) album
  • Rah Digga (USA) publicity
  • Ras Ceylon (USA) album
  • Sarah Love (UK) publicity
  • Sir Aah (USA) single
  • Skyzoo ft Talib Kweli (USA) single
  • Souls of Mischief (USA) album
  • Tha Vill & Kele Le Roc (USA / UK) single
  • The Ritz (USA) single
  • Tone Chop & Frost Gamble (USA) EP & album
  • TQ (USA) album
  • Tru Trilla (USA) EP & album
  • Ultramagnetic MCs (USA) Tour publicity
  • Underground Cartel (International Collaboration) EP
  • Vast Aire (USA) album
  • Verbal Kent (USA) album
  • Verbal Threat (USA) single
  • ZotheJerk & Frost Gamble (USA) album

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