Urbanelite PR have worked with many artists from all over the world in the past few years, whether promoting singles, albums, tour press or general publicity. Here’s a list of some with their country of origin and type of campaign – you can see more information in the Previous Campaigns page on this site :

050 Boyz (USA) album
Ande Bishop (USA) EP
Apex Zero (UK) album
B-Mus Khalil (UK) single
Barking Caucasians (USA) single
Belly (Canada) single
Bizarre (USA) album
Buggs tha Rocka (USA) album
Bumpy Knuckles (USA) single
Celly Cel (USA) single
Chima Anya (UK) single
Clarita (UK) single
Classified (Canada) album
Constant Deviants (USA) albums
Copywrite (USA) album
Cyclonious (UK) single
D12 (USA) tour press
Da Flyy Hooligan (UK) album
Deeprooted (USA) album
Double AB (USA) single
EtheMadAssassin (USA) album
Fefe Dobson (Canada) tour press / publicity
Gangalee (USA) single
Horseshoe Gang (USA) album
Iron Braydz (UK) EP
Jamieson (UK / USA) single
Kader (UK) single
Kid Vishis (USA) album
Krate Krusaders & Genesis Elijah (UK) album
Idris Elba (UK) single
La Bruja (USA) album
Malkovich (USA) single & mixtape launch
Matt Maddox (USA) single
Melanin 9 (UK) album
Peter Jackson (Canada) single
Rah Digga (USA) publicity
Ras Ceylon (USA) album
Sarah Love (UK) publicity
Sir Aah (USA) single
Skyzoo ft Talib Kweli (USA) single
Souls of Mischief (USA) album
Tha Vill & Kele Le Roc (USA / UK) single
The Ritz (USA) single
Tone Chop & Frost Gamble (USA) EP & album
TQ (USA) album
Ultramagnetic MCs (USA) Tour publicity
Vast Aire (USA) album
Verbal Kent (USA) album
Verbal Threat (USA) single
ZotheJerk & Frost Gamble (USA) album

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