For over a decade, UrbanElite Promotions have worked with many international artists and labels.  They have ranged from globally established brands and names to new independent and emerging talent. A list can be read HERE

Primarily our role is of course to secure global multimedia coverage for new EP or album releases.  However, especially within the independet sector, we continue to provide various other logistical support services where our clients have had little or no previous experience of release procedures, media relations or product and affiliated asset preparation ready for market.  This incorporates artist and label development.

Given our own original artist and label backgrounds allied to the experience of dealing with global media for many years, we have a keen understanding of the additional assistance, information and support which would prove useful to our clients operating within the independent sector.

Below are a few examples of previous campaigns with keypoint summaries, chosen as they demonstrate the broader range of services we provided in each case.

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Hip Hop officiados will be well aware of this duo who first came to the fore with the release of their renowned debut single “Competition Catch Speed Knots” in 1996.

Rapper M.I. subsequently signed a solo deal with Arista in 2000 while producer DJ Cutt would go on to engineer for Roc-A-Fella artists such as N.O.R.E. and Beanie Sigel.

Fast forward to 2006 and the pair decide to re-unite on a formal basis again, kick started by the establishment of their new boutique Six2Six Records imprint originally designed to release new vinyl 12″ and re-issues by various artists.  With a keen eye for brand development, the label represented traditional hip hop esthetics within a modern era evolving further through a clothing line.

The duo themselves released their debut album “Concrete Utopia” in 2010 while building a tight relationship with European label SWC Records with whom they would go on to record and release collaborative projects in music and film.

We had known M.I. from around the time the pair released their third album “Diamond” in 2012, and in 2014 they contacted us again to outline their plans for two new album releases, both of which were inspired by a recent tour of Europe.

“Avant Garde” would be released in 2015, their first album in three years and also the first to have an official affiliated promotional campaign.  Doubling in his role as joint label owner, working with M.I. is similar in nature to that of Souls of Mischief’s Tajai (details of that campaign below).  Both have been round the industry block, they understand the nature of the independent sector and all the relevant nuances relating to media considerations, and have a clear brand concept.  In addition, understanding their own existing fanbase and niche targeted marketplace all combined to create a very positive and productive relationship with ourselves.

We assisted with some minor logistical prepatory work in the lead up to the campaign beginning, and this included identifying some live freestyle videos already filmed as a potential key asset which would then be formalised as the “3Stylez Series”.  This proved extremely popular with international onlines, fitting with the presentation and perception of the group.  Further bonus cuts would also be used as additional promotional assets together with the video for their single “Breathin” which would go top 20 in the college radio charts and feature in the UK’s DJ Mag.

Artist interviews, features and reviews were published by titles in the USA, UK and Europe including  ABCDR DU SON, Above Average Hip Hop, Blacksheep, Blues & Soul, Dead End Hip Hop, God is in the TV, Hip Hop Breath, Hip Hop Vibe, Premiere Hip Hop, Rap Maniacz, Sagi Hip Hop, SBTV, Shout 4 Music, Straight Fresh, Swurv Radio, The 9 Elements, Wordplay Magazine, The Word is Bond and many more.

On this run, the pair also visited NYC briefly where we arranged for them to appear as guests on the Bodega Cold Kutz Show, Smokin Aces and Crazy DJ Bazarro on Beatminerz, and were interviewed by The Beeshine TV.  Their appearance on Beatminerz in fact led to the renowned crew remixing their single “End All Be All”.

The album was extremely well received and we knew was the pre-cursor for the follow up to be released in 2016.  “Omerta” would have a different slant, a concept album playing on M.I. and DJ Cutt’s heritage as they adopted the personas Luciano and Lansky in a metaphorical take on cultural reference points.

Edgier than its predecessor, it also represented M.I.’s creative nature and coincided with his move into film making and acting.  The movie “Six2Six” co:starring Treach (Naughty by Nature), Syleena Johnson and Chief Rocker Busy Bee would be premiered at Ralph McDaniels’ “Hip Hop Film Festival” later in the year.

Another highly popular freestyle video series, this time entitled “Tre Volte” was launched in conjunction with the ongoing album campaign with the third in the series, “Straight No Chasers” premiered by Hip Hop DX.

Singles “So Underrated”, “Delorean” and “Reign Storms” again received worldwide radio airplay and extensive online share, generating exceptional traction around the album itself.

Once more the international media coverage was extensive.  Reviewed by renowned British physical print publication Mojo Magazine,  many more followed including Jazz News (France),  Rap Maniacz (Italy),  and multiple Stateside titles such as  7th Boro, Above Average Hip Hop, Da What, Impose Magazine, Nine5Four, Premiere Hip Hop, Respect Magazine,  Rhyme Junkie, Streets Connect, Swurv Radio,  The Word is Bond and many more.

The pair spent a week in NYC promoting the album, during which time we arranged for them to appear as guests on Classic Storm Radio, Guerilla Grooves Radio, Beatminerz Radio, Flip the Script Radio, PF Cuttin’s East NY Radio,  YAC Radio, Bodega Cold Kutz and DJ Eclipse’s “Rap Is Outta Control” Show on Sirius XM

The campaigns combined not only cemented their established position, but grew support from a new generation with an appreciation not only for the quality of their music, but for the traditional ethos behind their organisation and the continuing evolution as a creative force in the world of film making.

050 BOYZ


The album campaign for New Jersey’s 050 Boyz during 2015 would be a particular case in point.

We were first contacted by an email which simply read “What can you do for my group?”

After multiple communications and discussions it was established that the group’s history was complex in terms of how they formed.  The individual members had operated primarily as solo artists for many years, and the formation of the group was a comparatively recent development.  Despite their individual longevity within the local hip hop scene, there had been little in the way of previous official releases and relatively no experience of media relations or coverage.

There was no specific product ready for market, rather a mix of a previously unreleased mixtape and stand alone tracks.

There then followed a 6 month preparation period before the campaign could begin.  This included analyzing all of the individual group members’ history and producing a cohesive press release fit for media purposes incorporating all key points of interest within a succinct presentation.

Having considered all of the group’s tracks, we then assisted in the construction of the album, the selection process and track order list.  It was clear that those selected had strong potential however would require further mixing processes in relation to audio quality which the group duly arranged.

We then provided further guidance, advice and assistance in relation to album artwork, press shots, video production and media relations and affiliated processes.

While not exactly starting from scratch, we were initially provided with some random raw materials ordinarily used at one level, and helped develop every aspect ready to be presented to a professional marketplace, including product availability.

It’s to the group’s credit that their positive attitude and willingness to take on board the information being provided meant they delivered on all fronts.   A period of preparation in advance of a campaign is normal, and while 6 months was exceptional, it reflected our belief in the quality of the group’s music and the requirements to maximize their potential.  The album “Everything 050” released 3 months after the campaign commenced, a typical timeframe for such a release.

In a few short months, having had no previous media coverage, the group released singles and videos which received worldwide radio airplay and online coverage, with further interview features and album reviews appearing in a wide range of both online and physical print publications based in the United States, UK and Europe.  These included Blues & Soul (UK), God is in the TV (UK), British Hip Hop (UK), Blacksheep Mag (UK), Guestlist Network (UK), I Am Hip Hop (UK), Hip Hop Breath (France), Rapmaniacz (Italy),  Hip Hop Vibe (USA), Above Average Hip Hop (USA), Streets Connect (USA), The Real Hip Hop (USA), The 9 Elements (USA), Goodfella Media (USA), Swurv Radio (USA), The Word is Bond (USA) and many more

In addition, they appeared as guests on DJ Eclipse’s “Rap Is Outta Control” show and DJ Premier’s “Live from HQ” show, both broadcast on Sirius XM.

As unusual as this particular case was in terms of the overall procedure’s timeframe, it was just as rewarding to see the approach vindicated and the group’s talents recognized on a broad international level.

So in answer to the original email……..



We were introduced to the name of producer Frost Gamble in the autumn of 2016 by the then Seven 13 Entertainment, a label with whom we have worked on various projects and who themselves have undergone various incarnations and re-brands, originally known as Gracie Productions and now 22 Entertainment.

There were some parallels with 050 Boyz mentioned above, in particular the back story which originated in the 90’s, incorporated something of a hiatus from music for a period of time and outwith occasional personal uploads to streaming platforms such as Soundcloud there had been little in the way of any official releases or media coverage.  The exception being production credits on an award winning gospel album.

Originally from NY State but now resident in Winnipeg for some considerable time, Frost was developing projects with a small team of long term associates, NY State rapper Tone Chop, Detroit’s ZotheJerk and Canada’s White Rhino – now collectively known as Nostalgia Clic. The signing of his producer deal with 22 Entertainment providing the opportunity to gain his various releases much wider exposure.

The first release was in autumn 2016, the “Veteran EP” with Tone Chop being a conduit which provided an early opportunity to introduce the artist name, musical concept and longer term story to international media.  The purpose was twofold, the EP being a forerunner to a new album due out the following year by the pair specifically, and also as a means to familiarise Frost’s name and style with the targeted niche market in lieu of his other upcoming projects.

Their first ever official single “Leave It Alone” ft Ruste Juxx, a tribute to the late Sean Price, proved the catalyst as we secured international radio airplay, including Sirius XM, and multiple online share of the stream.  Despite their “previously unknown” profile status – one of a number of key considerations taken into account by media – we established coverage for the duo and the EP in international publications including Blues & Soul (UK), Tone Mvmt (Australia),  Hip Hop Breath (France) and various Stateside titles including Above Average Hip Hop, Colorado University’s Independent, Da What, Nine5Four Magazine, OK Tho Mag, Pop Break, Rhyme Junkie, The 9 Elements, The Word is Bond and more.   It proved an impressive return on what was primarily a tastemaker release.

Frost’s development continued throughout 2017, naturally with each release beginning with the album “Black Beach” in May, this time a collaboration with ZotheJerk.  We undertook some prepatory assistance and guidance with regards to its final construct, limited to some fine detail to enhance its potential within the marketplace.

During this campaign we also assisted the label with some additional sales opportunities.  Already distributed worldwide by Sony’s The Orchard, the information provided found their newly established move onto Bandcamp develop into their current mainstay store where their entire back catalogue and future releases are now available.  It has also provided the additional opportunity to make available exclusive editions or special issue releases by their artist roster on digital and physical formats, and tie more closely promoted single or album streams to specific points of sale.

“Black Beach” itself enjoyed a very healthy return in artist feature and album review coverage.  With the highlight being a review in the internationally renowned Britsh publication MOJO Magazine, a raft of others followed suit including French titles ABCDR DU SON, SagiHipHop, Hip Hop Breath and In the Mood TV, Italy’s Rapmaniacz, further UK titles including Hip Hop Kings and Blacksheep and multiple US onlines including Behind the Rhyme, Lemonwire, OK Tho, Nine5Four, Pop Break, Rap Vineyard, Rhymebeat, Triple OT, Word is Bond, Vann Digital and more.

Hard on the heels of “Black Beach” came the new album “Respect is Earned Not Given”, the follow up to the “Veteran EP” with Tone Chop released in September 2017.

Although much of the promotional activity took place during the summer months when it is typical to experience media lag due to vacations and festivals, the resultant coverage again represented a further step in the artists’ progression.

While in NYC, we arranged their guest appearance on DJ Eclipse’s “Rap Is Outta Control Show on Sirius XM with further in person interviews delivered with Rapstation, DJ Wayneski’s Breakthru Radio, the Rap Attack Lives Network, Guerilla Grooves Radio,  The Beeshine TV, My Hip Hop Life and Classic Storm Radio

Single and video releases again enjoyed international radio airplay and extensive online share, while the spread of written feature and review coverage was published in the USA, UK, Europe and Africa.  These included ABCDR DU SON, Afro Way, Blacksheep Mag, British Hip Hop, Dope Cause We Said, Flows for Days, Guestlist Mag, Hip Hop Breath, Love this Track, Nine5Four, OK Tho, Pop Break, Rhyme Junkie, Sagi Hip Hop Reviews, Slickster Magazine, Streets Connect, Swurv Radio, The Real Hip Hop, Triple OT, The Word is Bond and more.

In October, 22 Entertainment made available the buzz release “Rare Fabric”, Frost’s collaboration with Tragedy Khadafi which coincided with his promotional visit to NYC.

The campaign for “Respect Is Earned Not Given” was also in part utilised to introduce the story of Frost’s solo producer album “I Missed My Bus” due out in 2018 and which includes a stellar array of featured artists including KXNG Crooked, Rah Digga, Conway the Machine, Planet Asia, Sadat X, Ras Kass, Skyzoo, Ruste Juxx, Guilty Simpson, Tragedy Khadafi and of course Tone Chop, ZotheJerk and White Rhino.

The release of “Respect Is Earned Not Given” in September 2017 and all airplay, written coverage, broadcast interviews, filmed coverage and guest appearances secured to that point marked the one year anniversary of our being introduced to the artist name by the label.  In turn it has provided the substantially elevated platform for Frost’s continued future progression.



Detroit MC Kid Vishis released his debut album “Timing is Everything” on 22nd July 2014. A highly skilled lyricist….as you’d expect from the younger brother of Royce da 5’9″….while this may have been his first studio album, he brought nearly 10 years of experience to the table from his own “Sick ‘Em” mixtape series, touring internationally and learning from some of the best in the game in the process, and appearing on many of his brother’s releases through the years.

The album was a statement of his arrival, with no other featured artists appearing with the exception of his brother on the final track.

There had been limited media coverage in the past, mainly again due to the fact that previous releases had consisted of either mixtapes or stand alone audio & video releases. While known to some members of the press, particularly in the States, the name was relatively new to most international media.

We began the press campaign mid May allowing us the optimum 2 – 2.5 months lead up time to release, and it continued to run into September for residual coverage equating to the standard 4 month total period expected for album campaigns.

While we had provided a tester service late 2013 for the singles Heaven & Look At All My $hit, the 11 track album length limited the availability of further new singles and videos to service to international onlines & DJs until the emergence of the official video for Talk Behind My Back. New lyric & concept videos were made for the two previously released singles however, and they were shared throughout the internet during the initial stages.

Aside from the widespread blog and dj support garnered for the individual audio & video releases, we secured specific “album focused” coverage in over 60 worldwide publications. This took the form of reviews, interviews, news pieces and special features, appearing in titles from the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. Interviews were arranged either in person or by other means with provision made in many cases to facilitate requests from writers and journalists to speak with the artist directly.

Snapshot examples would include publications such as HipHop DX, Kevin Nottingham, Hot New Hip Hop, Straight Fresh, Hip Hop Vibe, Hip Hop Durso, Nikkisiix, Face 2 Face, Embassy 730 and 7th Boro in the States, Wordplay, British Hip Hop, I Am Hip Hop, Hip Hop Kings, Guestlist, Flavour, God is in the TV, Hit The Floor, Kix Magazine and Sabotage Times in the UK, Germany’s Backspin, Spain’s Hip Hop Life, France’s SURL, New Zealand’s When Did You Fall in Love with Hip Hop, the global online The Word is Bond and many more.

Special features were also set up, including an interview / freestyle video (edited by ourselves) premiere piece with France’s Hip Hop 4 Life, a video interview conceived & delivered by ourselves for The Rap Up and a further video interview with The Underground Vault. We also arranged for Kid Vishis to meet with The Beeshine while in NYC for the Total Slaughter event and their interview was also filmed in the city.

Having serviced the album to publications worldwide, reviews appeared in international publications including the UK’s Blues & Soul, SBTV, Data Transmission, Blacksheep, Clash, Sampleface & Bearded, Italy’s Hip Hop Rec, France’s Sagittarius HH, Switzerland’s BMint and the USA’s Premiere Hip Hop, Vann Digital and Rap Essence.

Further introductory activity took place with highline international online & physical publications who have noted their interest in the artist as an ongoing concern. We also assisted the artist and label with some future release logistical planning, the results of which will be seen over the next 12 months.

It was an exceptional international response to a debut album by an independent hip hop artist, though simply reflects the extent of Kid Vishis’ talent while re-emphasizing the increasing level of interest and support we have found for superior hip hop lyricism and production by media worldwide.



London Emcee & producer Apex Zero is at an early stage of his career although had for the past few years built a reputation on the local live circuit as a member of the group Pantheonz on Zenn-La and also as part of the city’s hip hop duo First and Last.

Releases comprised mainly of mixtapes or features, and the new album “Reality Provoking Liberation” was not only his debut solo studio album release, but debut studio album of any description

2 years in the making & largely self produced, this was a new experience for the artist, both in terms of releasing an official album and working with a professional media PR company. We were assisted by the fact that, just as with his general approach to his music he was keen to take on board any advice given, has a very proactive attitude and excellent work ethic.

We spent some time developing various logistical aspects ahead of the campaign commencing to ensure all assets required were in place and that the album was ready for market. We also provided customary guidance in terms of media and general public relations & profile presentation.

The primary aim was to introduce the name & release to hip hop specialist publications given his style would would likely be well received by these titles. As the artist had limited previous media coverage, we would liaise with this specific media sector as a sounding board for early feedback and source of support for the release.

Audio and video releases would be serviced to a wider international range of online platforms and djs as is standard within our capacity. We arranged for his audio release A Meeting of the Continents to be premiered on The Rap Up.

Within the initial stages of the campaign in early August 2013, we also ensured that there would be an album launch party in London to act as focal point event assisting the album’s release on 28th October. We had a local live promoter work with the artist to have this arranged and this was confirmed within 6 weeks.

An early series of video and audio releases, combined with early press feedback indicated a consistent appreciation of the artist’s approach and subject matter which would give rise to a wider potential level of media coverage. Over time, and as familiarity grew among the media and public with concentrated early phase activity, we received an increasing number of confirmed cases who would be covering the release.

Where publications’ content was more concentric around features, face to face and conference call interviews were arranged, whichever form most suited the magazine’s representative. Radio interviews were planned and took place in the lead up to the album being released.

As with similar campaigns, the early preparation work and phased planning again proved beneficial over a lead up time of 2.5 months from beginning to release.

We saw a wide range of titles covering the release with review and feature coverage, culminating in a 4 star review in the December edition of the renowned national physical publication MOJO. The spread of magazine coverage again provides evidence of a healthy market and interest in “traditional” hip hop and appreciation for skilled, intelligent lyricism. The variety of titles demonstrates this : from traditional specialists such as UKHH, British Hip Hop, Underground HH, Hip Hop In English, Wordplay, Word is Bond, Sampleface, Hip Hop Kings to cross genre magazines such as Subba Cultcha, Clash, DataTransmission, Flavour, AAA Music, The Skinny, Whatculture, London Word, In-Spirels, Blacksheep, PopCulturez, Guestlist, UCL, Musiceyz and many more.

In the month following release in the build up to the launch event we arranged further residual coverage, some of which is set to go live in the early part of 2014.

The overall return exceeded initial expectations given the artist’s limited media history and public profile at outset combined with what would be commonly considered as a niche market release. However as the story developed over time, this generated increased levels of interest & coverage, and we were delighted at the deserved level of recognition the artist received



The full international media campaign for London’s Melanin 9 and his debut album “Magna Carta” released on 3rd December 2012, with the main focus of coverage in the UK.

Over 50 separate publications covered the release with reviews or special features. Written press, online and physical publications, these included MOJO, Q Magazine, Clash Magazine, Hype Magazine (South Africa), International Hip Hop (France), The Find Magazine (global), Rap Reviews, Audio Cred & Surviving The Golden Age (all USA), K Mag, Wordplay Magazine, Guestlist Network, Flavour Magazine, Echoes Magazine, British Hip Hop, Hip Hop Kings, The Hip Hop Chronicle, Blatantly Blunt, The Skinny, Music OMH, Bonafide, Data Transmission, What Culture, MTV Wrap Up, Huck Magazine,Sabotage Times, In Spirels, Live Magazine, Hit The Floor and many more. At the time of writing, there are still more magazines confirmed as covering into the early part of 2013

Special radio and online tv features also arranged, including Choice FM, Funhouse TV, Rawroots, Blatantly Blunt, SBTV (featured by The Source USA)

International radio & online servicing of the singles and videos for Organised Democracy, Landslide & Pistola. Facilitated the premiere of the video “White Russian” featuring Roc Marciano with Stateside online Nah Right, a video also featured by 2 Dope Boys, Complex, The Source, Hip Hop DX and many more trans Atlantic platforms. Additional logistical assistance was also provided by us per release, including promotional cover design and provision of radio edits

Online promotions of the album launch event which took place at The Vibe Bar London on Friday 23rd November, an event also featured by online God Is In The TV, and arranged media presence on the night

The broad spectrum of coverage over a concentrated period of time grew from a strong foundation via key hip hop tastemakers through to more general “urban music” publications and developed on with some of the biggest general music magazines in the country.

Combined with the role played by radio & special features by online tv platforms, added to by unprecedented levels of Stateside coverage for a UK release, the campaign produced a far higher level of overall exposure than would ordinarily be expected. In turn, this has provided the artist with a far higher return on the current album than experienced by contemporary counterparts, and has also positioned a greater level of profile for the longer term.

The campaign ran with the minimum 2.5 month lead up time to release date, required for UK media to ensure all editorial deadlines could be met, continuing for another 1.5 months post release to pick up on residual feature coverage. Early traction gained by a combination of our setting out a set release schedule, arrangement of special features and street level coverage which produced the momentum & overall profile. This built further interest resulting in the groundswell of coverage, peaking at release and continuing for the immediate period following on.

Total activity period mid September to late January, to also account for the fall off period during Xmas and New Year.


2011 – 2012, still ongoing, the new album by Ohio’s Copywrite, “God Save The King (Proper English Version)”. Without doubt the most involved we’ve ever been from the album’s conception in early 2011 & facilitating its completion, overseeing affiliated video shoots and arranging editing and post production. Assistance in the manufacturing of promotional materials from physical album stock, clean edits and affiliated audio/video slides & physical video Beta tapes. This album has been unique in the quality of production, matched by Copywrite’s own delivery and the range of quality artists featuring from both sides of the Atlantic. Our main page has many examples of press already gone live, and at the time of writing there are still many more to go live to coincide with the final release date of 7th August 2012. This will also include key physical publications Q Magazine, Wordplay, Echoes and DJ Magazine. The series of single releases and videos has seen us service onlines internationally and received Trans Atlantic support from The Hip Hop Chronicle, Soulculture, The Jump Off, Hip Hop Kings, SBTV, 2 Dope Boyz, 57th Avenue, UGHH and many more, with further international dj support. Copy press is from Beatnik Magazine

The final phase of this campaign will involve European and UK tour dates, and work is already underway via our central booking affiliates for these to take place from January 2013.


Twice we handled Uk tour press for Detroit’s D12. First in the spring of 2009 when they were joined for dates in Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin & London by Royce da 5 9 and Classified. The first visit saw them interviewed on BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM, a wide selection of online tv stations and written press.

The second visit in the summer of 2010 was in conjubction with the work we did on Bizarre’s solo album “Friday Night at St Andrews” and their appearances at the festivals Wireless in London and T in the Park in Scotland where they were performing with Eminem. The second visit saw radio interviews with Kiss, Galaxy, BBC 1Xtra with Tim Westwood (see video above), The Hip Hop Chronicle, SBTV, Flava TV, MTV & many other online and physical publications


2009 / 2010 – Souls of Mischief with their first album in almost 10 years, Montezuma’s Revenge. The album release date was March 2010, but their brief visit in November 2009 allowed us to set up a crucial press day ensuring early key support to launch the overall promotional activity. Included a mix of press, radio & online tv. An official tour was arranged for March 2010 and so a mix of single review and album review coverage was set up in the interim in conjunction with the features. Radio support came via a series of releases from the album. On their return in Spring 2010, a further media day was set up which this time included interviews with Choice FM and BBC 1xtra. An F64 with SBTV had been filmed during the initial visit late 2009. The conclusion of the 5 month campaign saw sell out dates throughout the UK and Europe. Copy press is a review of the single “Proper Aim” in London’s Metro Newspaper


2010 – promoted the collaboration album with UK producers Krate Krusaders and Brixton MC Genesis Elijah, “Before I Was Famous”. First full album release from the much respected MC for several years. Over 3 months secured across the board press support, assisted by 2 special media days in London to coincide with the album launch. These interviews included key online tv, physical & online press and radio. Singles and video also enjoyed a extensive of support from within the UK hip hop community. Gen subsequently built on this level of exposure with his own solo material and can be heard regularly on Kiss FM, BBC 1Xtra, BBC Radio 1 with massive online support for his series of EP, mixtape and single releases. The press copy is from their interview with Musicology Magazine


2011, Canada’s Fefe Dobson. Contacted by Chris Smith Management early March with 2 weeks’ notice that the artist would be in London for a small showcase. Although extremely well known in her home territory, Fefe was a relatively new name for the UK. 2 weeks later interviews had been secured with Grime Daily, Blues & Soul, Streets on Demand, Flavour, MTV Wrap Up SBTV & many more, including reviews of the showcase itself. Coverage also included a front page feature in Kix Magazine


2009 worked with San Diego’s DEEPROOTED on their self titled album out through Tajai Massey’s Clear Label Records imprint. A series of singles were well supported by key specialist stations, in particular Choice FM, with tv support also for their video “Crazy”. A huge amount of associated press followed on the album itself, including NME above, their mix of soul & hip hop, not dissimilar to The Roots and The Fugees, proving very popular. Radio interviews were also facilitated with a number of underground UK stations


2010, worked with Sony Canada / Half Life on the new album “Self Explanatory” by Classified. Radio support for “Quit While Youre Ahead” included Choice, Kiss and BBC 1Xtra, facilitated an F64 for SBTV, and secured specialist press support & reviews for the album. Also helped arrange affiliated dates in May 2010 in Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast & London

Verbal Kent

2007, promoted Chicago’s independent hip hop artist Verbal Kent with his album “Move With the Walls”. Secured specialist press reviews & support from key stations such as BBC and Kiss for the single “Dead Serious” which featured Ill Bill. Helped arrange a mini tour of the UK including Manchester, Bristol and London and set up affiliated interviews. Copy press is DJ Magazine’s “Moneyshot” rating of the single

DJ Sarah Love

Ex MTV Bass & BBC Radio 1 Xtra presenter. Various online tv & press interviews in support of her tour with Aloe Blacc in the UK late 2011. Copy of press is from Hip Hop Stories

T : @urbanelitepr