Rawroots interview Iron Braydz


North London Emcee Iron Braydz releases his new EP “Verbal sWARdz” on 14th April, the first since his “Holla @ Braydz” mixtape in 2012, and will be the first in a series of releases expected over the next year.

The newest member of Triple Darkness, soon to appear in an independent film “Night Bus” directed by Simon Baker, sat down with British online Rawroots to discuss his latest release and future plans

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Braydz launched his new video “Dredd” earlier this week

Look out for international media coverage coming on this release in the weeks ahead. Any members of the press requiring promotional copies of the EP or who would like to interview Iron Braydz, or DJ’s who would like the full quality radio edit of Dredd, should contact UrbanElite PR HERE

Meantime you can keep up to date with Iron Braydz on twitter @Braydz or on Facebook “HollaAtBraydz

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