West coast Emcee Matt Maddox, now based in America’s Mid West, released his sophomore album “Righteous Fury” on 25th February, and took time out recently to speak with British online publication Flavour Magazine.

Contributor Delphina Scott spoke with him about the new album and the recording process in the studio, his thoughts on artists’ growth and development, his views on the recent debate on whether “Hip Hop is degrading society” and the clear definition between the specific genre and others, self sufficiency in the human condition, the public’s backing of buying artist releases and what factors within hip hop he would change today.

Read the whole feature HERE

Look out for Matt hitting Europe in the early autumn at various clubs and festivals. The album which includes features from Tragedy Khadafi, King Magnetic, Adlib, Burke the Jurke and Reef the Lost Cauze, and production by Sicknature of The Snowgoons, Vanderslice, C Lance of Jedi Mind Tricks, Nemesis, Skammadix, Sultan Mir, Engineer and the UK’s Edd Bundy is available from international online stores in digital and CD format.

These include iTunes, Amazon, UGHH.com, CD Universe, Barnes & Noble, HMV and many more

Released through the partnership of Red Phone Records & Seven 13 Music, here is his track “Street Art” featuring Tragedy Khadafi

Keep up to date with Matt on twitter @MattMaddox82, the magazine @Flavourmag and Delphina over at @RawBlueCheese

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There are a few Youtube channels set up as review platforms for hip hop & rap albums, some providing more detailed coverage than others. The Underground Vault based in Canada is one which does go more in depth with their reviews, having clearly taken their time to listen through an album on more than one occasion and then provide a very well explained formed opinion, usually lasting 10 – 15 minutes

Such a review was published last night for the new Matt Maddox album “Righteous Fury” which releases tomorrow, 25th February on Red Phone Records / Seven 13 Music.

It’s a well rounded and thoughtful appraisal, check it out

The album will be available in both CD and digital format. There are already many international stores which you can search online, including UGHH.COM, iTunes, CD Universe and Amazon, who will provide whichever format you prefer

Here is the full album tracklist

1. No Country For Old Men produced by Engineer
2. Interlude produced by Sultan Mir
3. Sick & Tired cuts by TMB produced by Sultan Mir
4. BARbarians ft Godilla, UG & Born Unique produced by Hellzwind
5. Work ft Mina Fedora produced by Skammadix
6. El Mariachi produced by Nemesis
7. The Get Back ft King Magnetic produced by Skammadix
8. Comedy Pt 1 produced by Skammadix
9. Murder Weapons ft Swann Cuts by TMB produced by C Lance
10. Spider Man ft Adlib & Reef The Lost Cauze produced by Vanderslice
11. Mjolnir ft Burke the Jurke Cuts by TMB produced by C Lance
12. King Killer produced by Sicknature
13. Olympus Has Fallen Cuts by TMB produced by Hellzwind
14. Upon A Pale Horse ft Edd Bundy Cuts by TMB produced by Edd Bundy
15. Comedy Pt 2 produced by Skammadix
16. A Time To Kill Cuts by TMB produced by Hellzwind
17. Street Art ft Tragedy Khadafi Cuts by TMB produced by Skammadix
18. Reality’s a Bitch produced by Skammadix
19. Show Must Go On produced by Nemesis

Check out the audio for the track “King Killer” produced by The Snowgoons’ Sicknature, selected by Underground Vault as their favourite from the album

Look out for much more coverage coming from international media in the next few weeks, as well as a new joint launching this Thursday, 27th February. Matt Maddox is currently on tour with Reef the Lost Cauze & Adlib, and has shows coming up in North & South Carolina, Virginia, Chicago and Wisconsin. Keep up to date with him on twitter @MattMaddox82

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