Listen back to the Hour Long Special on eastcoast rapper / producer duo Tone Chop & Frost Gamble in discussion with DJ Wayneski on Breakthru Radio

Earlier this week, eastcoast rapper & producer duo Tone Chop & Frost Gamble jumped on Skype with Breakthru Radio host DJ Wayneski ahead of the release of their album “Respect Is Earned Not Given” releasing on September 29th.

Today, the hour long special on the pair broadcast for the “On The Avenue” show was uploaded online

The music played came from both their “Veteran” EP released last November and the new album either side of an in depth 25 minute interview section where they discussed the new album, their long history together, the general state of hip hop today, Chop’s lyrical approach, Frost’s various production projects and much more.

Fair to say, when it comes to his thoughts, the punchline rapper pulls no punches !! [lol] He’s even got his 8 year old son spittin bars now – his VIDEO on Facebook generating several thousand views already…..


Featuring Kool G Rap, Planet Asia, Tragedy Khadafi, rap battler D.N.A. and Canadian upcomer White Rhino, “Respect Is Earned Not Given” releases through 22 Entertainment, distributed worldwide by The Orchard. Available to pre-order on iTunes and various formats via Bandcamp

First single released was “Walk the Walk” ft Kool G Rap

Chop & Frost will link up again with Wayneski when they return to NYC mid October promoting their album, meeting with press, and appearing on various stations including DJ Eclipse’s “Rap Is Outta Control” Sirius XM show…so look out for part 2!

Meantime, connect with them on social media via twitter @ToneChop & @FrostGamble, IG @ToneChop & @Frost.Gamble and over on their joint Facebook Page

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