New Interview – Cincinnati’s Buggs tha Rocka speaks with New Zealand’s “When Did You Fall In Love With Hip Hop”


Cincinnati’s Buggs tha Rocka jumped on Skype recently with the good folks over at New Zealand’s online “When Did You Fall In Love With Hip Hop” to talk about his new album “Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet” and his development in the hip hop scene which has led him to be afforded the title “Best Hip Hop Artist of 2014” by the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards

They also discussed his live performances with Talib Kweli, whether at the A3C Festival for two years running or at the recent Eternal Reflection reunion show, the results of which are due to working with local pair Donte (MOOD) and Hi Tek from an early stage.

Buggs has of course released two previous mixtapes with Mac Miller’s tour DJ Clockwork, and he was invited to perform with the pair at the recent Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in Los Angeles which also saw sets by Pharrell Williams, Tyler the Creator, Rick Ross, Earl Sweatshirt, Murs, Action Bronson, Step Brothers, Vince Staples and many more

The publication’s Aleyna Martinez recorded the full interview and it is now streaming on Soundcloud


The album itself includes production by Hop Trax, Sal Dali, !llmind and Jake One, with guest features including Tanya Morgan, Chuck Inglish, Piakhan, MOOD and many more

You can keep up to date with Buggs on twitter @BuggsThaRocka and on his Facebook page “BuggsThaRockaMusic“. Look out for several more official videos being launched from the project over the next couple of months together with much more international media coverage of the artist and the release

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