New Hip Hop Album Review by WhatCulture | Copywrite “God Save The King (Proper English Version)”

Latest UK online magazine to review the new album by Ohio’s Copywrite “God Save The King (Proper English Version)”

This time Scott Ronan gives it the 4 star treatment for WhatCulture

He gives a full track by track analysis, picking up on the wordplay and metaphors on display throughout, the dope production and again that international blend of high quality UK and Stateside Emcees complimenting each other on this imaginative release

He summarises

All in all a very strong Hip Hop album. It provides strong Boom Bap beats that sound great in my car with interesting talented lyricists. Copywrite has always been a great lyricist who has earned his underground stripes but with this album he has shown his respect for UK hip-hop by including so many of the dopest UK emcees. Copywrite is a talented battle emcees who uses detailed metaphors and snappy punch lines all over this album. The list of guests help to make this a good strong album. Easily a four out of five.

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