4 Star Review for new Iron Braydz EP Verbal sWARdz in France’s “Hip Hop Reviews by Sagittarius”


The international media coverage of the new “Verbal sWARdz” EP by London’s Iron Braydz continues with this 4 star review by French online “Hip Hop Reviews by Sagittarius”

Previously unaware of the artist, the reviewer opens that “truthfully this is a great discovery which I now share with you“. Written in French (obviously), it cites the influences of Wu Tang and the traditional values of hip hop throughout the record, “with lyrics sharper than Japanese knives” and reflects on the international flavour of the release due to features by London’s Triple Darkness, Kyza and Skriblah, and US artists Prince Po, Sean Price & Phat Kat : “Many of the features are local, and the international connections are legendary

Afforded a 4 star rating, read the whole review HERE

Verbal sWARdz was released on 14th April on Iron Braydz own Unorthostract label and is available now from http://braydz.bandcamp.com

You can hear the full audio stream of the 10 track EP on Soundcloud

Look out for more international media coverage coming shortly, and meantime keep up to date with Iron Braydz on twitter @Braydz and on Facebook “HollaAtBraydz

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