Buggs tha Rocka album “Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet” reviewed by France’s Les Petites Chroniques


France’s Les Petites Chroniques is a boutique online covering all genres of music with an emphasis on new artists with a fresh sound. As the name suggests, they provide short, snapshot reviews by way of a recommendation to their readers

They are the latest to give their endorsement to the new album by Cincinnati MC Buggs tha Rocka and his album “Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet which releases on 10th December 2014. Summarizing the elements of the album which ticked all the right boxes for them, they state “we love the flow, the collabs, and especially the overall ambiance, the clever mix of jazzy samples, and especially the female contributions throughout.

Published in French, the full review can be read HERE

The album is heavily represented by local artists, with features and production from Phoenix Aphrodite, Tanya Morgan, Hop Trax, Piakhan, Aida Chakra, MOOD, Sal Dali together with contributions by !llmind, Jake One and Chuck Inglish.

The release is a pre-cursor for several new recording projects and a planned international tour in 2015, much of which is in the works now. Buggs has also been busy filming a series of new videos for the project as well as speaking with members of the international media about his release, the results of which you will see over the coming weeks.

Keep up todate with him on twitter @BuggsThaRocka and check out his concept video for “Angel of Death” ft Piakhan

Buggs tha Rocka ft Piakhan – Angel of Death (Concept Video) from Buggs Tha Rocka on Vimeo.

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