Constant Deviants Album “Avant Garde” reviewed by The Hip Hop Foundation


New Jersey / Baltimore duo Constant Deviants have worked together in various ways since the mid 90’s, and after a time spent operating within the major label sector, they came back together in 2009 to set up Six2Six Records, and since then have released 3 studio albums and various orther affiliated projects.

Their fourth studio album “Avant Garde” releases on 12th May, and Lafayette Hicks – himself involved with hip hop since the good ‘ol days – ran the rule over it for online The Hip Hop Foundation

Afforded a 4 star rating, the review also outlines some of the duo’s back story and notes Emcee M.I.’s lyricism “There’s great storytelling here, words of wisdom, braggadocia, a bit of thuggery…..something for everyone” and on DJ Cutt’s production “His beats have that golden era quality to them but by the same token, they sound fresh and not like some recycled 90’s tracks. I also liked how he incorporated scratches into the tracks, cutting up everything from Onyx to Slick Rick. He even got in a line from my favorite old school movie Beat Street, so I was won over just from that.

It’s a really in depth review by someone who obviously has a lot of experience in the genre, and you can read it all HERE

Constant Deviants have also filmed a special freestyle trilogy. The first from the “3Stylez” series was launched last week, with Episodes 2 & 3 coming soon. Check out “Heavy Artillery” on Vimeo

Constant Deviants – 3Stylez Series Episode 1 – "Heavy Artillery" from UrbanElite Promotions on Vimeo.

With only a month to go before release, look out for much more international media coverage on Constant Deviants and the album “Avant Garde” coming soon. You can connect with them on social media via twitter @Cnstnt_Dvnts & @Six2SixShift and on their Facebook page “ConstantDeviantsMusic

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