Flavour Magazine interview Melanin 9

Flavour Magazine’s Shireen Fenner sat down with Melanin 9 recently ahead of the release of his debut album “Magna Carta” which releases on 3rd December.

They discuss a range of issues including the situation for a UK hip hop emcee and the general levels of support for the genre, the various issues which influence his writing, his choice of producers and working with Triple Darkness and what went into putting Magna Carta together and his plans for 2013.

You can read the whole interview HERE

There has been a fantastic response to this album from media in the UK, USA and Europe, and you will see more examples of this in the weeks ahead, together with new singles and videos

Anyone preferring CD versions of the album can buy them now directly from http://m9ether.bandcamp.com All those pre-ordered have just been sent out

You can keep up to date with him on twitter @Melanin_9 and the guys over at the magazine @shireenxoxo and @flavourmag

Any further magazine, press or general media enquiries about this release can be sent to UrbanElite PR HERE

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