British HipHop review new album “Soul on Fire” by ethemadassassin


One of the UK’s longest running online platforms specializing in hip hop music & culture,, are the latest to review the new album by Los Angeles based Emcee ethemadassassin “Soul on Fire”

Having spent time in North Carolina and Camden New Jersey, E moved to California in the past few years to team up with Veteran Eye to form Veteran Assassins. Both still maintain solo careers, and “Soul on Fire” is the third solo album by ethemadassassin, following on from Tomorrow Never Comes in 2008.

British journalist Andy Fletcher gives the LP a thorough examination in this.

While its fair to say he finds the inclusion of the track Young & Foolish as incredulous due to its departure in sound from the rest of the album, he then goes on to acknowledge the qualities brought to the table here :

E’s rhyme schemes and flow are tight and hold the album’s momentum. At the start of Sparta he makes use of repetitive rhymes, presumably to maintain his rhyme scheme and flow but it comes off as a small oversight. That isn’t to say that most of his lyrics aren’t well crafted. For the most part, they are. Gratitude is a stand out track with lyrics that will force you to take them in, ‘I’m not the example of living, I’m the spectacle… my nigga Truck took a bullet to his testicles’. These sorts of lyrics pack the content thick and leave a strong, if unpleasant, aftertaste of the world that Ethemadassassin is documenting. This is really where E shines and you’ll hear some of this realist, street approach to lyricism in tracks like lead single Tiger Blade.

Read the whole review HERE

For those unfamiliar previously with his work, here’s the video for Walk My Shoes which was playlisted on the UK’s MTV Base and Flava TV

As mentioned in the review, check out the single Tiger Blade from the current album

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