New Hip Hop Review in Rago Magazine – Copywrite “God Save The King (Proper English Version)”

Latest review of Copywrite’s new album “God Save The King (Proper English Version)” which releases on Man Bites Dog Records on 7th August

This one is in Rago Magazine, run by the guys from Wolftown Recordings, Tricksta & Late.

Those boys have been involved in UK hip hop for many years and consistently been putting out their own products internationally as well as running the magazine, several different blogs and various other ventures. Respect the grind

Here Tricksta pretty much goes in on his assessment of this album!! No holds barred, he definitely gives it the seal of approval :

“Well my friends, it’s like this, if you don’t like something on this album then you are either a hater, deaf or totally lost the plot”

Lol, no messin about in a true West Midlands stylee!!

Read the whole review HERE
You can link with the guys on twitter @Copywrite & @RagoMagazine

A huge international release for independent hip hop, unprecedented in its involvement of US and UK artists of such a high stature, circle 7th August on the calendar & make sure you cop that

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