London rapper / producer duo Phoenix da Icefire and Husky Brown took a little time out recently to sit down with UK online “File Under Hip Hop” having just released their new debut joint album “Panacea” through New Dawn Records.

In the new interview just published, the pair discuss how they first met and the origins of their decision to work together, the concepts behind the subject matter and artwork of the new album and how the lockdown restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak have impacted upon their immediate plans.


“Panacea” released on May 5th is available to stream and download from all major digital platforms and stores including Apple / iTunes, Tidal, Amazon and Spotify

Look our for a new video of their track “The Humans are Coming” being released shortly, and meantime connect with the pair on social media via Instagram @PhoenixDaIcefire @HuskyBrown.Official and Twitter @PhoenixDaFire @HuskyBrown

For all information regarding New Dawn Records, head over to their official website All media and press enquiries regarding NDR’s releases can be sent to ourselves, our contact details are HERE

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Latest review of Copywrite’s new album “God Save The King (Proper English Version)” which releases on Man Bites Dog Records on 7th August

This one is in Rago Magazine, run by the guys from Wolftown Recordings, Tricksta & Late.

Those boys have been involved in UK hip hop for many years and consistently been putting out their own products internationally as well as running the magazine, several different blogs and various other ventures. Respect the grind

Here Tricksta pretty much goes in on his assessment of this album!! No holds barred, he definitely gives it the seal of approval :

“Well my friends, it’s like this, if you don’t like something on this album then you are either a hater, deaf or totally lost the plot”

Lol, no messin about in a true West Midlands stylee!!

Read the whole review HERE
You can link with the guys on twitter @Copywrite & @RagoMagazine

A huge international release for independent hip hop, unprecedented in its involvement of US and UK artists of such a high stature, circle 7th August on the calendar & make sure you cop that

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In September 2011, UK hiphop artists Mystro, Genesis Elijah and Iron Braydz were in west London filming scenes for a new video to be released for a posse cut which will also feature artists from Oakland’s legendary Hiero Imperium.

The full video will be completed in the next couple of months.

While together, UK’s online Niji Magazine caught up with them to see what was happening behind the scenes, find out what they had coming up in their own right, and also interviewed the video cameraman Despa from the Birmingham based Stay Fresh label and the video director from Dirty Media London

Follow these guys on twitter @GenesisElijah @Braydz @Mystrogen @DespaStayFresh @DirtyMediaLDN @NijiMagazine