Detroit MC Kid Vishis has had a busy time recently, speaking with various members of the international media & press in the lead up to the release of his debut album “Timing is Everything” on 22nd July 2014.

Two of these have just been published recently, the first of which is with British online multi genre magazine AAA Music.

In this interview, part of their AAA Approved series, they ask him about what first inspired him to first pick up the mic and his releases and tours to date. They also talk about artists he’s feeling now, what unique qualities he brings to the game and his aspirations for the future.

Read what he had to say HERE

In the second interview, he jumped on Skype with Canada’s The Underground Vault.

They discuss various aspects of his new album “Timing is Everything” and break it down as to the real meaning behind the track “Look at all my $hit”, they address the inevitable comparisons to his older brother Royce da 5 9 and how he is forging his own way ahead, he reveals plans to release a new mixtape and sophomore album in the near future and also gives his thoughts on the recent Dizaster / Math Hoffa battle

Whether you’re new to the name or have taken a close interest in Kid Vishis’ career to date, this video is a “must watch”

The album, which includes production by Mr Porter (Shady Records), Nemisis, Chase Moore (Hippie Sabotage) and Canada’s Nick Zervos can be pre-ordered from Seven 13 Entertainment at www.seven13ent.com

Kid Vishis will be in New York from 9th July – 13th July to take in the Total Slaughter event at the Hammerstein Ballroom on the 12th July and will also be meeting various members of the press. Keep up to date with him while he’s there and for further updates on the new releases on twitter @KidVishis

Any members of international press & media who would like to meet Kid Vishis in NYC, or who would like conduct general interviews and receive a promotional copy of the album for review can send their request to UrbanElite PR HERE

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kv-timing is everything_final

British magazine Blues & Soul have just published their June / July edition which is available in some selected stores now.

They are the latest to give a full endorsement to the debut album by Detroit’s Kid Vishis, “Timing is Everything”, out 22nd July 2014 on Seven 13 Entertainment. The review appears on page 32, (the publication prefer it is not re-produced in full here) but if you wanted to read the full version try tracking down a copy from your local store first of all.

The younger brother of Royce da 5 9 has produced a number of mixtapes in the past as part of the “Sick ‘Em” series, and toured internationally. The first official studio album has been long awaited, and as the 5 star review by Simon Redley reflects “This is a landmark release, a fantastic calling card to tell the world he has arrived and is here to stay. A great showcase, shining the spotlight brightly on a talented emcee

The summary on the album which includes production by Mr Porter, Chase Moore of Hippie Sabotage, Nemisis and Nick Zervos concludes that Kid Vishis “has fierce rhyme skills and intelligent wordplay….it’s not the same old same old by any means. It’s fresh and it’s classy. Don’t ever underestimate the Kid. He’s a knockout

The album will be available in digital and physical formats internationally, and can be pre-ordered with signed copies from the label now at www.seven13ent.com

Kid Vishis will be in New York 9th July – 13th July to take in the “Total Slaughter” event at the Hammerstein Ballroom as well as meeting with local press & media, and you can keep up to date with his latest news on twitter @KidVishis

Any members of the press wishing to interview Kid Vishis, whether in person in New York or by more general means, or who would like a copy of the album for review, should contact UrbanElite PR HERE

Check out his single “Heaven” produced by New Jersey’s Nemisis

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