North London’s Iron Braydz released his new EP “Verbal sWARdz” on Monday 14th April through his own Unorthostract label. It is available to the public from his BANDCAMP

Although it is only the first of a series of projects planned for the year ahead, whether solo or as part of the city’s crews Triple Darkness & FuFu Gang, it is already shaping up to be one of the hottest British hip hop releases of 2014 having attracted widespread international media attention.

Latest to give their full seal of approval is Hip Hop in English, an online publication dedicated to all things within UK hip hop. They provide a database of artists & producers, and provide reviews, interviews and cover the latest video releases

An opening salvo of “The ferocity of this release is immediately apparent. Wu Tang style old martial arts samples accompany the sounds of tortured men and John Rambo peppering the tracks” precedes an in depth look at the 10 tracks on offer including features by Triple Darkness, Kyza, Skriblah, Price Po, Phat Kat, Sean Price & DJ Shortee Blitz, before summarizing “This is unquestionably an informed, aggressive commentary on the evolution of current social trends. Since the release of ‘Devil May Cry’ and ‘Holla@Braydz’ and of course joining the line-up at Triple Darkness his notoriety within the industry has grown to exceptional levels

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Braydz of course marked the release earlier in the week by launching his new video “Rambo” ft Kyza & Skriblah shot by Global Faction in London’s east end recently

Keep up to date with Iron Braydz on social media, whether on twitter @Braydz or on Facebook “HollaAtBraydz

Look out for more international coverage of this release over the coming weeks. Any press or media inquiries regarding Iron Braydz and the Verbal sWARdz EP can be sent to UrbanElite PR HERE

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Blues & Soul is one of the UK’s longest running publications specializing in r&b, hip hop, blues, soul – the full spectrum of “urban” music

They publish a physical magazine regularly, but also have their online version, and have in the past few days done their quarterly update of hip hop releases where they have featured 3 of artists we have been promoting.

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Iron Braydz – “Verbal sWARdz” EP releases on 14th April 2014

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Audio stream of the Verbal sWARdz EP

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Matt Maddox “Righteous Fury” album out now in digital & CD formats on Red Phone Records / Seven 13 Music

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Audio stream of the Righteous Fury album

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Apex Zero – “Reality Provoking Liberation” album out now in digital & CD formats

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You can hear the whole album at his Bandcamp HERE

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Three releases for fans of the real, authentic sound of hip hop – quality lyricism & beats with input from both sides of the Atlantic via guest producers and featured artists. These include Sean Price, Prince Po, Hasan Salaam, Triple Darkness, Phat Kat, Sicknature of The Snowgoons, Tragedy Khadafi, C Lance of Jedi Mind Tricks, Kyza, Skriblah, DJ Shortee Blitz, King Magnetic, Adlib, Reef the Lost Cauze, Skammadix, Nemesis, Vanderslice and many more

Any media & press inquiries about these releases can be sent to UrbanElite PR HERE

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