Well, it’s not often you get a genuinely good laugh doing this job, but just occasionally something turns up…..

Earlier this week, MC M.I. from Constant Deviants jumped on the phone with DJ D-Money, host of the weekly Fresh Juice Radio Show based out of Washington State.

The pair began by discussing the group’s new album “Omerta” which releases on June 28th, and then moved on to the rapper’s new additional focus of movie making. As co:owner of Six2Six Records, M.I. has become more involved in acting, film writing and film production, and has set up a new subsidiary Six2Six Films.


A new movie “Six2Six” will be screened at Ralph McDaniels’ Hip Hop Film Festival in NYC during August, and co:starring with M.I. is Treach (Naughty by Nature), Syleena Johnson and Chief Rocker Busy Bee. Some of the plot line is explained before the Baltimore MC reveals he is near completion of another new film, this time a comedy, called “Can’t Live Without My Radio”.

Then comes a regular section of the show where rappers play the radio version of the board game “What?”. Among the questions asked are “What do dogs think when owners dress them up in clothes?” and “What would you legalize?”

We’ll just leave that there and you can have a listen to what he says……enjoy…..

You can listen back to the whole show on Fresh Juice’s Mixcloud

You’ll be able to hear the pair on radio again when they’re in NYC during the last week of June at the time of the album’s release, appearing on stations including Sirius XM, Beatminerz Radio, Bodega Cold Kutz and Classic Storm. Meantime, keep up to date with news about Constant Deviants on twitter @Cnstnt_Dvnts (label @Six2SixShift) or over on their Facebook Page

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Taken from Souls of Mischief’s 2010 album “Montezuma’s Revenge”, the “Mr Freeman Skit”

Tajai takes a call from actor Morgan Freeman offering fatherly advice on his hiphop career and lets him in on some details for a future acting role….lol

The album is generally available online and can be bought with a range of merchandise from

Produced by Prince Paul, the tracklisting includes choice cuts such as Proper Aim, For Real Y’All and Postal

Look out for a possible European tour in the first half of 2012.

You can follow the guys on twitter @TajaiMassey @OpioHieroSOM @PhestoHieroSoul and @HieroAPlus

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