During the last week of June, M.I. and DJ Cutt from Constant Deviants were in NYC promoting their new album “Omerta” which released on June 28th

They appeared as guests on a wide range of radio shows and also took time out to meet up with Above Average Hip Hop contributor Shanique Williams.

In this short but sweet video, they address various questions including “What’s A Good Shower To Sing”.


At this point, DJ Cutt gives an answer where we would advise all viewers of a nervous disposition to look away, and all others to ensure you are sitting down for this one. You literally may not belieb…believe…your ears. Cutt has subsequently claimed to have been possessed by a demon at the time, and those weren’t his words, but we’ll let you be the judge !

Despite his brief dalliance with “the dark side”, DJ Cutt is one helluva producer and both he and M.I. released a real hip hop classic in “Omerta”.

It is available to buy online in digital format direct from Six2Six Records, while vinyl and CD versions are currently being distributed worldwide by Fatbeats

M.I. returns to NYC for the screening of his new movie “Six2Six” at the Hip Hop Film Festival on Friday August 5th. It co:stars Treach (Naughty by Nature), Syleena Johnson and Chief Rocker Busy Bee, and will be screened at 8.30pm EST that evening. More details about the festival HERE

You can connect with Constant Deviants on Twitter (Group & Label) and Facebook (Group & Label), and meantime check out the “Omerta” album stream

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Bieber has his own people…….

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Well, it’s not often you get a genuinely good laugh doing this job, but just occasionally something turns up…..

Earlier this week, MC M.I. from Constant Deviants jumped on the phone with DJ D-Money, host of the weekly Fresh Juice Radio Show based out of Washington State.

The pair began by discussing the group’s new album “Omerta” which releases on June 28th, and then moved on to the rapper’s new additional focus of movie making. As co:owner of Six2Six Records, M.I. has become more involved in acting, film writing and film production, and has set up a new subsidiary Six2Six Films.


A new movie “Six2Six” will be screened at Ralph McDaniels’ Hip Hop Film Festival in NYC during August, and co:starring with M.I. is Treach (Naughty by Nature), Syleena Johnson and Chief Rocker Busy Bee. Some of the plot line is explained before the Baltimore MC reveals he is near completion of another new film, this time a comedy, called “Can’t Live Without My Radio”.

Then comes a regular section of the show where rappers play the radio version of the board game “What?”. Among the questions asked are “What do dogs think when owners dress them up in clothes?” and “What would you legalize?”

We’ll just leave that there and you can have a listen to what he says……enjoy…..

You can listen back to the whole show on Fresh Juice’s Mixcloud

You’ll be able to hear the pair on radio again when they’re in NYC during the last week of June at the time of the album’s release, appearing on stations including Sirius XM, Beatminerz Radio, Bodega Cold Kutz and Classic Storm. Meantime, keep up to date with news about Constant Deviants on twitter @Cnstnt_Dvnts (label @Six2SixShift) or over on their Facebook Page

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A year after the critically acclaimed “Avant Garde”, legendary east coast duo Constant Deviants return with a new concept album “Omerta” releasing on June 28th.

Their ever expanding Six2Six label have now incorporated film production as part of their creative enterprises and MC M.I. will appear with Treach (Naughty by Nature), Selena Johnson and Chief Rocker Busy Bee in a new movie set for release later in the year.

The group released the single “So Underrated” recently, and due to the reception of last year’s “3Stylez” video series, have filmed a further set of live freestyles for the new “Tre Volte” trilogy. The first episode “Hard on these Streets” was launched yesterday and premiered by Respect Magazine.

Constant Deviants – Tre Volte Freestyle Series – Episode 1 – Hard on these Streets from UrbanElite Promotions on Vimeo.

Keep up to date with Constant Deviants on Social Media, twitter @Cnstnt_Dvnts & @Six2SixShift and on Facebook ConstantDeviantsMusic

Look out for further episodes from the series and special bonus cuts and singles being released in the weeks ahead.

All press, media and radio station dj inquiries regarding Constant Deviants can be sent to us at UrbanElite PR, our contact details are HERE

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