Latest in The Beeshine’s “What Inspires” series, they speak with Long Beach rapper, now based in Kansas, Matt Maddox about what inspired him in hip hop & life. Others such as Pete Rock, King Syze, Small Professor & Lord Finesse have recently been featured in this series.

Shot in New Jersey while touring with Reef the Lost Cauze & Adlib, he released his new album “Righteous Fury” in February, available worldwide in digital and CD formats through Red Phone Records / Seven 13 Music

The album also features Tragedy Khadafi, Burke the Jurke, King Magnetic and many more with production by Skammadix, Nemesis, Sicknature (The Snowgoons), Vanderslice, C Lance (Jedi Mind Tricks), Sultan Mir, and Engineer. Cuts are provided throughout by Red Phone labelmate DJ TMB

You can read the whole feature at the site HERE

Watch the interview on The Beeshine’s Youtube Channel

Matt Maddox has just finished filming a new video for the track “Work” produced by Skammadix and featuring Mina Fedora, so you’ll be seeing that online very shortly.

Keep up to date with Matt on twitter @MattMaddox82 and the guys over at @TheBeeShine

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British online multi genre music magazine Subba Cultcha took time out recently to speak with American rapper Matt Maddox who released his new album “Righteous Fury” on 25th February

The ex Guerilla War Tactix member, originally out of Long Beach California but now living in Kansas spoke on the recording process and transition from his debut album “Asylum Artistry”, the writing process and lyrical content, his influences and the publication also asked him about the specific motivation behind the tracks Work, Sick & Tired and No Country for Old Men.

The feature, written by Ben Bradford, opens with a snapshot review summarizing “It’s a 19 track album but boy does it whiz by. Admittedly at first it took me a few listens to realise the power and the cleverness of this album. But he manages to sound angry, hurt, sad, confused, clever, and insightful and often all at the same time.” and can be read in full HERE

The album is available through Red Phone Records / Seven 13 Music internationally in digital and physical CD formats, from a wide range of online stores such as iTunes, Amazon, UGHH.com, CD Universe, Barnes & Noble and many more.

Check out the full official album stream. It includes production by Skammadix, C Lance, Sicknature, Sultan Mir, Nemesis, Vanderslice and also features Tragedy Khadafi, King Magnetic, Reef the Lost Cauze, Burke the Jurke, Adlib and turntablism by fellow Red Phone labelmate DJ TMB

Keep up to date with Matt on twitter @MattMaddox82, his labels @RedPhoneRecords & @Seven13Music and connect with the magazine over at @SubbaCultchaCom

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The new Matt Maddox album “Righteous Fury” is the highly anticipated follow up to his debut “Asylum Artistry” and releases Tuesday 25th February on Red Phone Records / Seven 13 Music.

It’s been a long time in the making but has enjoyed an impressive international media response, reflecting the skilled wordplay and powerful delivery of the Kansas based MC. The ex Guerilla War Tactix member has called on some well known names in the world of hip hop to join him on the album.

Producers including Nemesis, Skammadix, C Lance (Jedi Mind Tricks), Sicknature (Snowgoons), and Vanderslice have provided some neck breakin beats over which Maddox and featured artists such as Tragedy Khadafi, Reef the Lost Cauze, King Magnetic, Adlib and Burke the Jurke have delivered the lyrical fire. A healthy dose of quality turntablism is in effect throughout courtesy of fellow Red Phone labelmate DJ TMB.

He has just launched the video trailer for the album on Youtube, and the soundtrack used is the track “The Get Back” ft King Magnetic. Check it out

The album will be available in digital and physical formats, and can be pre-ordered in the following ways:

Digitally via iTunes HERE

Order the physical CD format with additional T-shirt, poster and sticker (free shipping) HERE

Here is the full tracklisting

1. No Country For Old Men produced by Engineer
2. Interlude produced by Sultan Mir
3. Sick & Tired cuts by TMB produced by Sultan Mir
4. BARbarians ft Godilla, UG & Born Unique produced by Hellzwind
5. Work ft Mina Fedora produced by Skammadix
6. El Mariachi produced by Nemesis
7. The Get Back ft King Magnetic produced by Skammadix
8. Comedy Pt 1 produced by Skammadix
9. Murder Weapons ft Swann Cuts by TMB produced by C Lance
10. Spider Man ft Adlib & Reef The Lost Cauze produced by Vanderslice
11. Mjolnir ft Burke the Jurke Cuts by TMB produced by C Lance
12. King Killer produced by Sicknature
13. Olympus Has Fallen Cuts by TMB produced by Hellzwind
14. Upon A Pale Horse ft Edd Bundy Cuts by TMB produced by Edd Bundy
15. Comedy Pt 2 produced by Skammadix
16. A Time To Kill Cuts by TMB produced by Hellzwind
17. Street Art ft Tragedy Khadafi Cuts by TMB produced by Skammadix
18. Reality’s a Bitch produced by Skammadix
19. Show Must Go On produced by Nemesis

He is also currently on tour with Reef the Lost Cauze and Adlib. Catch them at any of these venues in the next couple of weeks:

Feb 21st- Quakertown, PA The Eagle
Feb 22nd- Staten Island, NY The Full Cup
Feb 23rd- Atlantic City, NJ Gran Fromage
Feb 28th- Spartanburg, SC Mirrors Gentlemens Club
March 1st- Ashville, NC Haywood Lounge
March 2nd- Norfolk, VA The Iguana
March 5th- Chicago, IL Sub T lounge
March 6th- Madison, WI
March 7th- Milwaukee, WI The Stone Fly
March 9th- Appleton, WI Capital Centre

Look out for a lot more international media coverage in the next few weeks and also the launch of a new single next week. Keep up to date with his release and tour news over at twitter @MattMaddox82 and check in with his label partners @RedPhoneRecords & @Seven13Music

All true hip hop heads need to mark this one in the calendar :

25th February – Matt Maddox “Righteous Fury” – cop the real deal !!

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