Shortly after the release of their new EP “Veteran”, Ny’s Tone Chop & Winnipeg based producer Frost Gamble jumped on Skype with Ayla Dhyani, editor of online publication “Tone MVMT”.

In the interview feature published today, they discuss how the pair first met at rap battles in upstate New York during the 90’s and how they managed to remain in sync through the years despite Frost’s relocation to Canada.

They give their thoughts on the evolution of hip hop through the past couple of decades and outline how their own solo careers progressed through that time before coming full circle to discuss the new EP and their future plans for an album in 2017.


Released through Seven 13 Music & Entertainment on November 18th, the Veteran EP can be bought from iTunes

Included in the EP is the single “Leave It Alone” featuring Ruste Juxx and Nobi, a tribute track to the late Sean Price

Look out for a new bonus cut “Crowd Pleaser” launching next week, and meantime connect with Tone Chop & Frost Gamble on social media :

Twitter @ToneChop @FrostGamble
Facebook Official Joint Page
IG @ToneChop @Frost.Gamble

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Constant Deviants release their fifth official album “Omerta” tomorrow, Tuesday June 28th through their Six2Six Records imprint.

As they have done since establishing the label in 2009, the album will be distributed worldwide on vinyl as well as being made available digitally through their BANDCAMP

It’s a straight banger from start to finish. MC M.I. has been quoted recently as saying it is possibly the group’s best work to date, and certainly DJ Cutt’s production and turntablism is seriously on point. With M.I. now based in Baltimore and Miami, and DJ Cutt in New Jersey, “Omerta” is the first album for many years to be recorded by the duo while being in the same studio together.

Whether coincidental or otherwise, the results are stunning with the additional twist of adopting a theme throughout which draws on their Italian and Russian heritage.


The group are currently in NYC for a weeklong series of press and live radio interviews, which began last night when they dropped in on DJ Eclipse’s Rap Is Outta Control on Sirius XM. Film footage shot by The Beeshine will be released to the internet soon.

Tonight they are on the line with The G.O.A.T. Show which broadcasts 7pm – 9pm EST on Atlanta’s Raw Radio, hosted by KB, JoseyWells and AK. You can listen online via the TuneIn App via

They will be live on air every night this week, so check back here daily for the latest information, and also keep up to date with the group on twitter @Cnstnt_Dvnts & @Six2SixShift and over on their Facebook Page

Make sure to cop that real hip hop goodness tomorrow, and meanwhle check their two singles “So Underrated” and “DeLorean”

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A year after the critically acclaimed “Avant Garde”, legendary east coast duo Constant Deviants return with a new concept album “Omerta” releasing on June 28th.

Their ever expanding Six2Six label have now incorporated film production as part of their creative enterprises and MC M.I. will appear with Treach (Naughty by Nature), Selena Johnson and Chief Rocker Busy Bee in a new movie set for release later in the year.

The group released the single “So Underrated” recently, and due to the reception of last year’s “3Stylez” video series, have filmed a further set of live freestyles for the new “Tre Volte” trilogy. The first episode “Hard on these Streets” was launched yesterday and premiered by Respect Magazine.

Constant Deviants – Tre Volte Freestyle Series – Episode 1 – Hard on these Streets from UrbanElite Promotions on Vimeo.

Keep up to date with Constant Deviants on Social Media, twitter @Cnstnt_Dvnts & @Six2SixShift and on Facebook ConstantDeviantsMusic

Look out for further episodes from the series and special bonus cuts and singles being released in the weeks ahead.

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