US online “Da What” run a “Five Finger Discount” series where artists highlight five of their tracks for special mention, providing insight into how they were recorded, the concept behind them and why they were of particular importance to their careers.

The latest in the series to be published focuses on Detroit rapper ZotheJerk and NY state producer Frost Gamble (now relocated to Winnipeg) who are set to release their new album “Black Beach” on May 26th

The feature provides the audio streams and videos of the tracks discussed, and in this article the pair include recent singles “Risk vs Reward” ft Sadat X, “My Negus” ft Guilty Simpson, and also the first track they ever recorded together, “Think Like a Man Too”.

Check out the sounds and what they had to say HERE

Meantime, Zo also took a little time out to perform an accapella frestyle for US online Apex Hip Hop’s “Freestyle Fridays” series last week. It has just been uploaded to Youtube.

Black Beach includes featured artists Sadat X, KXNG Crooked, Tone Chop, Boldy James, Guilty Simpson & Young Bleed, and is available to pre-order on iTunes

Look out for further interviews and reviews by international press in the weeks ahead, including the album being featured in the renowned print publication MOJO Magazine’s June issue out at the end of this month

Keep up to date with Zo & Frost on social media via twitter @TheJerkNation & @FrostGamble, on Instagram @ZotheJerk & @Frost.Gamble and via their joint Facebook Page

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US online ‘Da-What’ runs a series called Da Five Finger Discount where artists discuss five tracks they’ve released which have significant meaning to them and the reasons for their importance.

In the main they will relate to tracks from a new EP or album, but can include others from their careers which they felt were of particular note.

The latest in the series just published features NY State rapper Tone Chop and Winnipeg based producer Frost Gamble. The duo have known each other since the 90’s when originally rap battle rivals turned partners in rhyme and tagging in upstate NY.

However due to Frost’s subsequent re-location they pursued solo careers until re-uniting this year for their first official collaborative release, the EP “Veteran” out this Friday, November 18th, a taster for an album due out in 2017.


In the feature, the pair include two singles from the EP. “Leave It Alone”, a tribute to Sean Price, features Ruste Juxx and Nobi while “Step Up” coincided with the launch of their first official music video last week.

Frost also highlights a previous project with Rakim’s son Tahmell, whiile in his dual role as a producer, Chop discusses his collaboration with Tom Gist.


Releasing through Seven 13 Music & Entertainment, the EP will be available to buy from iTunes HERE

Connect with them on social media

TWITTER @ToneChop @FrostGamble @Seven13Music
INSTAGRAM @ToneChop @Frost.Gamble

“Leave It Alone” has enjoyed extensive international radio airplay since its release in September. Check out the stream

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US online Da-What run a series “Five Finger Discount” where they ask artists to highlight five of their tracks or videos for special mention, the story behind them and why they currently have a specific relevance and importance to them.

In the latest edition just published, they spoke with Constant Deviants. The group will release a new concept album “Omerta” on June 28th, and reveal the linkage between the new album and last year’s “Avant Garde”, specifically the role their tour of Switzerland played in how they were devised. They also speak more on the deliberate differences in style of production between the two albums and provide more background into how last year’s single “Standards” came to be remixed by The Beatminerz.

All the track streams and videos they selected are included in the feature which can be read HERE


With the album set for release through their own Six2Six Records in just over a week’s time, it’s a busy period for M.I. and DJ Cutt.

They are performing at the Loudpalooza event at Baltimore’s Castaways next Saturday June 25th, before heading to NYC for a weeklong series of meetings with press and radio show guest appearances to discuss the new album and M.I.’s move into film making as an actor, writer and producer. His film “Six2Six” co:starring Treach, Syleena Johnson and Chief Rocker Busy Bee has been selected by Ralph McDaniels for a special screening at NYC’s Hip Hop Film Festival in August.


Their radio appearances will begin next Sunday June 26th when they drop in on DJ Eclipse’s Rap Is Outta Control Show on Sirius XM. Their new single “Delorean” will receive its first airplay on Eclipse’s show tonight, and you can also hear M.I. guest on London’s Pulse88 FM from 2pm GMT when he speaks on all his new ventures with Linda E.

Details of all their guest appearances on NYC radio which will span Monday June 27th – Friday July 1st inclusive will be listed here shortly, so look out for that together with their new single “Delorean” from early this week. Keep up to date with them on twitter @Cnstnt_Dvnts & @Six2SixShift, on their Facebook Page, and meantime check out the first single from the album, “So Underrated”

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US online Da-What run a series called “Five Finger Discount” where artists pick five of their more recent tracks and discuss why they are of particular importance to them adding some further background information with regards to their concepts and creation.

Latest in this series is west coast hiphop crew Horseshoe Gang who have chosen tracks from their “Knockin on Rap’s Door” Ep released last year, and new album “Anti-Trap Music” which releases next Friday, April 29th (available from iTunes HERE)



Been a busy time for the group and younger brothers of KXNG Crooked, having conducted interviews with many publications and radio stations in the States, UK and Europe in the past couple of months, and are continuing to do so.

They have released four singles from the album, currently available to buy from the iTunes store linked above, one of which being “Shoe-icide Squad” where they address police brutality and all the issues which led to the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement. Produced by Tabu who has credits with Kendrick Lamar and Aftermath

Look out for album reviews, written, audio and video interviews and further news about the group and album release in the weeks ahead, and connect with them on TWITTER and FACEBOOK

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