NY State rapper & producer duo Tone Chop & Frost Gamble [now resident in Canada] sat down recently with French online magazine In The Mood TV to discuss their new album “Respect Is Earned Not Given” which released through 22 Entertainment on September 29th.

During the interviews which were filmed exclusively for the magazine’s Youtube channel, the pair discuss the themse and concepts behind the album and also give a behind the scenes account of their working relationships with featured artists Kool G Rap, Planet Asia, Tragedy Khadafi and rap battler DNA.

Watch the interviews in full



The album is available on CD, digital mp3 and streaming formats from multiple online stores worldwide, including Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp & Spotify

Listen to the stream on Soundcloud

The duo are in NYC on Monday October 16th and Tuesday October 17th meeting with press and media, including appearing as guests on DJ Eclipse’s Sirius XM ‘Rap Is Outta Control” show. On Tuesday they will launch the new animated video for their album track “Bing Stories”.

Look out for more interviews and reviews in the weeks ahead, and connect with the pair on social media via Twitter @ToneChop & @FrostGamble, IG @ToneChop & Frost.Gamble & over on their joint Facebook Page

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US online Da-What run a series called “Five Finger Discount” where artists pick five of their more recent tracks and discuss why they are of particular importance to them adding some further background information with regards to their concepts and creation.

Latest in this series is west coast hiphop crew Horseshoe Gang who have chosen tracks from their “Knockin on Rap’s Door” Ep released last year, and new album “Anti-Trap Music” which releases next Friday, April 29th (available from iTunes HERE)



Been a busy time for the group and younger brothers of KXNG Crooked, having conducted interviews with many publications and radio stations in the States, UK and Europe in the past couple of months, and are continuing to do so.

They have released four singles from the album, currently available to buy from the iTunes store linked above, one of which being “Shoe-icide Squad” where they address police brutality and all the issues which led to the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement. Produced by Tabu who has credits with Kendrick Lamar and Aftermath

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With just under a month until the release of their new album “Anti-Trap Music” on April 29th, west coast crew Horseshoe Gang jumped on the phone with the UK’s Wordplay Magazine.

The magazine covers all things rooted in hip hop culture – music, fashion, graffiti – and produce a regular printed publication in addition to having their online platform.

Speaking with Ethan Everton, the group discuss the upcoming album release and the subject matter they touch upon and provide further insight as to why only their elder brother KXNG Crooked appears as a guest artist.

The feature which also doubles as a focus piece on the release also reports on Horseshoe Gang’s rap battle with Funk Volume last year, their previous EP release “Knockin on Rap’s Door” and the interview concludes with their thoughts on the level of unity between artists in the California scene.



In the past few weeks, the group have been busy speaking with local, national and international publications and have more ahead. Their most recent single release was “Shoe-icide Squad” addressing the issues surrounding police brutality and killings of young men in the black community. Check the stream of this contemporary G Funk banger

“Anti-Trap Music” can be pre-ordered on iTUNES and you can connect with Horseshoe Gang on social media, whether on TWITTER or FACEBOOK

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Julius, Demetrius, Kenny & Dice from Long Beach crew Horseshoe Gang sat down recently with Fatima Baqi from LA’s Rosecrans Avenue Magazine recently ahead of the release of their new album “Anti-Trap Music” on April 29th

In this interview, they discuss their early influences and some of the key stand out moments in their career to date, the role their elder brother KXNG Crooked has played in assisting their development and compare their previous extensive back catalogue to the upcoming release.

They speak on the theme of the album including their stance against the effect trap music has had in a lyrical context, they give their thoughts on the Long Beach and LA scenes including Snoop’s upcoming LBC Movement and also give a flavour of what to expect from their new Shoe Gang Comic Book series.



The album is available to pre-order in CD format, including signed copies and merchandise, HERE It is due to be available as pre-order on iTunes from next week

Look out for more international media coverage, new track and video releases and news over the coming weeks. You can stay in touch with Horseshoe Gang on TWITTER and FACEBOOK Meantime, check out their single “Poverty Slogans”

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Over the weekend, Horseshoe Gang unveiled the above official album cover artwork for “Anti-Trap Music” which releases on April 29th through Seven 13 Music & Entertainment

The tracklist includes production by KXNG Crooked, Grammy Award winners Pitchshifters, Tabu (Kendrick Lamar, Aftermath) and Jonathan Elkaer who produced the two single released to date, “Poverty Slogans” and “Crooked I Robot”

1 – Intro ft KXNG Crooked (produced by Jonathan Elkaer & DJ E.D.D.E.H.)
2 – I Want (produced by Pitchshifters)
3 – Poverty Slogans (produced by Jonathan Elkaer & DJ E.D.D.E.H.)
4 – Stress Relief (produced by Pitchshifters)
5 – Shoe-icide Squad (produced by Tabu)
6 – Poor Swagg (produced by Pitchshifters
7 – Interlude
8 – Out of Touch (produced by Komplex)
9 – Who’s The Best Rapper (produced by KXNG Crooked)
10 – Broke Ass Nigga (produced by Aktive)
11 – Falling (produced by Serious Beats)
12 – Crooked I Robot (produced by Jonathan Elkaer)

CD copies are available to pre-order online now directly from the label HERE

You can follow Horseshoe Gang on twitter @HorseshoeGang and connect with them on their Facebook page “HorseshoeGangCOB

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At the heart of the re-emerging west coast hiphop & rap scene, Long Beach crew Horseshoe Gang are set to release their fourth official studio album “Anti-Trap Music” on 29th April 2016 through Seven 13 Music & Entertainment

The younger brothers of KXNG Crooked (aka Crooked I) and COB affiliates have been prolific over the past decade with a stream of EP, album and mixtape releases, and the new album follows last year’s “Knockin on Rap’s Door” EP. 2015 also saw their renowned rap battle with Funk Volume and an appearance on Sirius XM’s “Sway in the Morning


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The CD version is already available to pre-order direct from the label. There are various packages on offer including signed copies and combinations with t-shirts. Click the LINK and take your pick. You will receive your order a week before the official release date.

Already released from the album are two singles, both available on iTunes



You can connect with the guys on social media, Twitter (& Instagram) @HorseshoeGang and on Facebook “HorseshoeGangCOB“. Reach the label over on Twitter @Seven13Music

Look out for more releases and news from Horseshoe Gang in the weeks and months ahead

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Newark hip hop group 050 Boyz took time out recently to speak with Sherron Shabazz recently for the US online The Real Hip Hop.

The trio Riq da Kid, Tru Trilla and Prince AK spoke about the meaning behind the group’s name, their working relationships with Treach from Naughty by Nature and Lords of the Underground front man DoItAll, the concepts behind their videos for the singles Hot Damn and Get Back, the recording process and their new album “Everything 050”.

Produced by Clinton Place, it features many from the Garden State scene including Fam, DoItAll, Lakim Shabazz, Tha Advocate, Treach, Ib the Druid and many more.



The group have released a number of tracks in the past couple of months, including the singles “Pay Them No Mind” ft Do It All & Tha Advocate, and just last week “DNA” ft Treach, Fam & Ib the Druid.

Vinny Sciascia, editor of another US online publication The Undercover Album Reviews has just reviewed the singles, noting the group’s trademark “aggressive and high energy flows” as “superb”.


Both tracks have been getting a lot of international dj support in the past few weeks. Check out the streams



The album releases in just over 3 weeks’ time on 4th August, and is packed full of bangin beats and on point lyricism and wordplay.

Expect to see extensive media coverage of the release and the group throughout the summer, and connect with them on Social Media via FACEBOOK or on twitter @050_Boyz [left to right on the photograph used by The Real Hip Hop – @EgoFree2_050 @RiqDaKid_050 @PrinceAK_050]. The producer is @ClintonPlace9

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