British online magazine DataTransmission is well known for its coverage of all type of dance music, from techno, house, dubstep and all other genres in between, reporting from all around the UK and hotspots such as Ibiza, Aiya Napa and various other European resorts & cities.

They also like their rap and hip hop music, and have just reviewed the new album Soul on Fire by rapper ethemadassassin, currently based in Los Angeles but most associated with his native North Carolina where he started out performing in the 90’s.

One half of Veteran Assassins, this is E’s third solo album which released on 17th September, and Janine Francois cast an eye over his most recent offering

ethemadassasin, lives up to regal standards as set by his previous releases such as, ‘Proverbs’ and ‘ Tomorrow Never Comes’ both dealing with the chaotic lifestyle lived by this Golden Era emcee” is how the review opens which notes his lyrcism, wit, humour, sarcasm and “hard cold truths” in what is an audio biopic of his life from his early days to the “latest scene in the movie of his life today”.

The album has received much credit for its open & honest approach, owning up to past mistakes, acknowledging struggles and successes, and also having a healthy dose of retrospective flava for those who remember or are fans of the sights, sounds and fashions of the 90’s.

The review summarizes “ethemadassasin does himself justice and for hardcore fans you will not be disappointed, as he lyrically delivers the goods. For those new to this ageless rapper, it is recommended you reference previous works to gain some context on ‘Soul on Fire.’ The album does just that, bares his soul for us to hear.

Read the full analysis HERE

The album is available to buy on iTunes now HERE

From the album, check out the single “80’s & 90’s” produced by Edinburgh’s Sci Fi Stu and the video for Can’t Get Enough

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Anyone involved in the UK scene will know all about Jamal Edwards’ SBTV, one of the leading Youth Broadcasters online platforms

He has just developed his latest SkooledBy Series, dedicated to hip hop emcees going back to the classic Golden Era all the way up to the present day, celebrating and showcasing the people who laid the foundations for the next generation.

We know the names he’s filmed so far and it will DEFINITELY be a series worth keeping an eye on. All of it will be brand new footage

Only the 2nd episode was launched to the internet today and features London’s Melanin 9 going in hard with some barz exclusive for the station

His album Magna Carta is on general release from 3rd December, but can be pre-ordered in CD format from

Currently Guestlist Network’s “Album of the Month”, there will be a lot more media coverage on this release in the weeks ahead

His album launch party will take place upstairs at The Vibe Bar, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL 8pm – 1am on Friday 23rd November. Entry is £5.00 and as well as performing himself, he will be joined by host Iron Braydz, DJ 279 from Choice FM, and there will be further performances by Genesis Elijah, Cyrus Malachi, Rewd Adams, Logic, Phoenix da Icefire & Skriblah Dangogh

Keep up to date with him on twitter @Melanin_9 for more news on the release, live dates and radio appearances, and link up with SBTV on twitter @sbtvonline

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