This is a compilation of video clips of singles we have promoted into the UK and European marketplace.

We promote all forms of “urban” music, and these tracks are hiphop and drum & bass

They are “London Calling” Double AB ft Iron Braydz
“Now” Verbal Kent produced by the UK’s Kelakovski
“Walk My Shoes” ETheMadAssassin
“Betta B Ready – D-Code’s drum & bass mix” Ras Ceylon
“Miss Right” – Peter Jackson ft Sizzla

They represent tracks from all around the world, UK, USA, Canada & Jamaica. On our main youtube account you will be able to view full versions of these videos as well as more from artists such as Souls of Mischief, Deeprooted, Tha Vill ft Kele Le Roc, TQ as well as audio promotions for artists such as Ohio’s Copywrite and New York’s Vast Aire featuring a number of other UK artists

We also arrange for some videos to be premiered on world renowned sites, and of course service all of the top UK tv stations, top global online specialist blogs & magazines, radio, press and also handle tour press and events such as with Detroit’s D12, and most recently publicity for Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs on his visit to London. Artist development and label support are also included in the range of services we provide.

We have represented independent labels and majors over the years

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LA based Tha Vill, dubbed “Mr Fiber Optic” for his fresh NuTek-Hop take on r&b and hiphop, has come a long way from his tough upbringing on the streets of North Chicago, to drop his debut UK single HAPPY HOUR b/w FIBER OPTIC LOVE.

Co-produced by KAGE (The Saturdays “Work”, Simon Cowell’s George Sampson “Body Language”, Flo Rida, Westlife, Janet Leon, Lindsay Lohan), it’s set for release digitally 28th September 2009.

The MC, singer & producer is pushing new boundaries for electronic urban music, picking up from where Kanye, Black Eyed Peas & Flo Rida are currently at, and movin it up several gears.

Though HAPPY HOUR is being promoted globally, an earlier Stateside-only leak resulted in over 140,000 downloads in one month. Flipside FIBER OPTIC LOVE has already been released in the US with major coast to coast radio backing, including WDRE (NY), WXIS (VA), KWIN (CA), KZFM (TX), KRKA (LA) & WGCI (IL). It is also to be used in the upcoming movie “HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO A WOMAN”.

HAPPY HOUR will be an easy sit for all those fans of Kanye’s most recent productions, while FIBER OPTIC LOVE is a hard driving infectious hybrid of electronic dance, hiphop and r&b. It refelects the NuTek-Hop sound he has developed with a range of producers on his forthcoming album “THA VILL”, due for release later in the year. The slammin video for Happy Hour was produced by Hi Energy Entertainment, the company co-owned by Tha Vill, and is due to be released in the UK ahead of the States.

Tha Vill has been getting his grind on from an early age. Despite in his formative years living through the murder of his father, losing friends to the life of gang warfare & drugs (a life in which he subsequently became involved leading to his own incarceration) and physical abuse from a step father, he refocused his life, majored in business from college, played NCAA basketball, and returned to his first love, music.

Originally part of THE TRUE ONES signed to NY independent Hush Hush Records, he moved to LA and set up his own Free Man Records, with his debut album WELCOME TO THA VILL selling 10,000 copies, and a further 20,000 downloads.

Building further industry connections in LA resulted in him becoming “The Face” of KTLA Morning News (Tribune) via a station ident he both wrote and appeared in, with further tracks being used by MTV, VH1 and Good Day LA (Fox). He has performed nationally with Slick Rick, Slim Thug, Mike Jones, Brian McKnight, Cypress Hill, Ace Young, Trea and many others. This in turn led to the formation of Hi Energy Entertainment with new partners working with international producers.

He has written, produced and featured on tracks such as CALIFORNIA (The Game, Eastwood, Ya Boy), SHIMMY (Janet Leon), LET’S TALK (Sheri Novrozi) and FAST LIFE (Ace Young), and is a current top Myspace artist

When not recording or performing, he focuses much of his time in the charity he set up “KEEP THE FAITH”, designed to help creative inner city youths reach their goals, and involves several of his fan clubs in these activities.

With his debut UK release and focus set on creating new & innovative commercial urban sounds, he now aims to build on his massive Stateside and European online fanbase.

“Mr Fiber Optic” and his handpicked NuTek-Hop production teams can count on it.


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