Veteran hip hop duo Constant Deviants released their fourth studio album “Avant Garde” yesterday.

It is available now through their own Six2Six Records imprint, initially in digital format although vinyl and CD versions are coming in a couple of weeks. All formats can be bought or ordered from the label’s Bandcamp HERE

The most recent reviews of the album come courtesy of Swurv Radio & Patrick’s Music Blog in the USA, and Hip Hop Reviews by Sagittarius, an online publication in France.







This is the stream of the album on Soundcloud

Look out for more international media coverage in the weeks ahead. The pair are in NYC meeting with media and will be on DJ Bazarro’s Show on Beatminerz Radio tonight from 5.30pm EST and then a little later on Not97 from 10pm EST. You can connect with them on twitter @Cnstnt_Dvnts & @Six2SixShift or over on the Facebook Page

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Constant Deviants release their fourth studio album Avant Garde on 12th May 2015, and the UK’s online publication Blacksheep Magazine have just published their review, affording the release a 4 star rating.

The veteran duo of Baltimore emcee M.I. and New Jersey producer DJ Cutt have been prolific over the past few years since the setting up of their own Six2Six Records imprint, with a string of releases on vinyl, CD and digital formats. Their early releases “Competition Catch Speed Knots” and “Can’t Stop” date back to the 1990’s and led to a time in the Major sector working with Arista and Roc-A-Fella records before returning to the independent fold since 2009.

Their musical evolution still retains the classic hallmarks of hip hop’s Golden Era as is reflected in Blacksheep writer Andrew Kay’s review which can be read HERE

Taken from the new album, their most recent official video release was for the track “Breathin'”

You can connect with Constant Deviants online, via twitter @Cnstnt_Dvnts & @Six2SixShift and on Facebook “ConstantDeviantsMusic“.

Look out for extensive international media coverage of this release in the weeks and months ahead, including an appearance by M.I. on the new “Rapping with Leiberman” online video show on Wednesday 8th April. Hosted by Sirius FM’s Jon Leiberman, the new show streams live on Youtube, Google Hangouts and at 7pm EST every Wednesday. His guests this week include Bishop Lamont

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Detroit MC Kid Vishis released his debut album “Timing is Everything” on Tuesday 22nd July.

It is available internationally on iTunes and Amazon while CD copies can be bought direct from the label Seven 13 Entertainment at

The younger brother of Royce da 5’9″ enlisted the production skills of Mr Porter (Shady / D12), Australian Chase Moore of Californian duo Hippie Sabotage, New Jersey’s Nemisis and Canadian Nick Zervos in the making of the album, and latest to review it is Italy’s online publication

You can read the review HERE A section translated reads “Kid Vishis demonstrates great skill in writing and showcasing an energy which reflects the traditions of Detroit rap. One of the new faces of American hip hop music that promises to be one of the next rising stars of the scene.

Currently in the middle of further promotional activity & speaking with international media about the release, Kid Vishis is also at the early stages of setting up tours in Canada, the UK and Europe as well as recording his sophomore album. All media, press & booking inquiries can be sent to UrbanElite PR HERE

Meantime, keep up to date with Kid Vishis on twitter @KidVishis and check out the radio edit of his track “Coward” featuring Royce da 5’9″ released earlier this week. DJs who require a full quality mp3 of Coward can also request it from us at the point of contact highlighted above

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Younger brother of Slaughterhouse member Royce da 5 9, Detroit’s Kid Vishis releases his debut album “Timing is Everything” on 22nd July. Out on Seven 13 Entertainment, it includes production by Mr Porter, Chase Moore (Hippie Sabotage), Nemisis & Nick Zervos and can be pre-ordered with autographed merchandise from

US online Rap Essence are the latest to run the rule over the album, with a track by track analysis which is then summarized :

Kid Vishis really impressed me on here. He changes up the topics and subject matter on almost every song, while still coming with aggressive rhymes and boastful battle raps at the same time. This keeps the album feeling fresh and gives each of the songs its own unique identity, which is something that is missing from a lot of hip-hop albums nowadays

Read the full review HERE

Prior to the album releasing, he is also due to launch a new mixtape which will consist of original tracks only, so look out for a number of audio & official video releases over the next few months as well as widespread international media coverage throughout the summer.

Meanwhile, keep in touch with him on twitter @KidVishis and check out his single Heaven produced by New Jersey producer Nemisis

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British online HHK Mag, known previously as Hip Hop Kings, has been running a series “25 facts….” where artists provide information about the making of their new album and other less well known details about themselves generally.

Latest feature is with Detroit’s Kid Vishis, the younger brother of Royce da 5 9, who releases his debut solo album “Timing is Everything” on 22nd July through Seven 13 Entertainment. It can be pre-ordered at

As well as describing the recording process, he names his favourite rappers to spar with, favourite boxers, how he nearly became a sportsman before becoming a rapper and speaks on meeting Eminem in the studio. Read it all HERE

As mentioned in the feature, the album includes production by Mr Porter, Nemisis, Chase Moore and Toronto’s Nick Zervos. Check his lyric video for “Look at all my $hit”, a satirical attack on the big ballers with no dollars

Keep up to date with him on twitter @KidVishis and the label @Seven13Music

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The long awaited debut album “Timing is Everything” by Detroit’s Kid Vishis (younger brother of Royce da 5 9) releases 22nd July on Seven 13 Entertainment.

One of Michigan’s most highly rated emerging rappers is no novice, having toured throughout the United States, Europe & the UK, produced a series of “Sick ‘EM” mixtapes since 2007 and featured on several of his brother’s albums and also worked with Crooked I’s fam Horse Shoe Gang.

He draws his influences from legendary lyricists down the years, and as debuts go, it’s a bold move that throughout the album he showcases his own mic skills with only one feature appearing on the track “Coward” – appropriately enough from his older brother

Production is courtesy of Shady’s Mr Porter, Chase Moore (Hippie Sabotage), Nemisis and Canada’s Nick Zervos

Unsurprisingly there’s been much international media interest in the release, and British online Rawroots have just featured the release HERE

Expect to see a lot of coverage on the album over the summer which can be pre-ordered at

You can keep up to date with him on twitter @KidVishis and meantime check out the single “Heaven” released late in 2013 which is produced by Nemesis.

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Taken from his debut album “Timing is Everything” out on 22nd July 2014, younger brother of Royce da 5 9, Kid Vishis, has leaked this new lyric video for his joint “Look At All My $hit” produced by Chase Moore of Hippie Sabotage

Releasing on Seven 13 Entertainment, the album can be pre-ordered now with additional signed merchandise at

The full press release and tracklisting for “Timing is Everything” can be read HERE

Physical promotional CD copies of the album are being sent out to press & media in the UK & Europe now, with digital copies following shortly. Any international publications who wish a CD or digital copy for review, or who would like to request an interview with Kid Vishis can contact UrbanElite PR HERE

Similarly, DJ requests for full quality clean mp3s of the tracks “Heaven” & “Look At All My $hit” should also be sent to UrbanElite PR at the contact point quoted above.

Meanwhile, keep up to date with them on twitter @KidVishis & @Seven13Music

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